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Someone who is applying for an H1B work visa must meet very specific requirements with regards to their occupation, their job offer, their skills and their education.
The H1B work visa has a quota, which means that there is only a certain number of these visas given out every single year.
While the H1B work visas for the fiscal year 2014 have already been taken, there will be more available next year when the applications reopen.
There are currently many groups lobbying the United States government to increase the number of H1B work visas available to foreign nationals in order to increase the number of new skills and the amount of innovation, as currently other countries are offering better visas for economic immigrants, like Canada’s Start-Up visa. Some groups are even trying to get the government to double the number of H1B work visas that are available every year. If you are interested in obtaining an H1B work visa next year, or you want to see if there are any alternatives that you can apply for to have you working in the United States much sooner, please contact our immigration law firm. The content and comments of this blog are not legal advise and and may not be accurate or complete. Disclaimer: Communications between you and VisaPlace are protected by our Privacy Policy but not by the attorney-client privilege or as work product. Experience American corporate culture and reap lifelong career benefits from your work in the USA. Thousands of international graduates and professionals find good jobs in high-skilled positions in the USA every year; in fact, numerous great career opportunities exist for those who take the initiative.
What's more is that 85,000 H1B visas are available annually, and visa jobs searchers who begin their search before the April filing period are the ones most likely obtain them.
With our ProElite Premium package, H1 Base's team of work visa sponsorship and career experts empowers YOU in your job search.
As a special offer in celebration of the US Holiday Season, H1Base is offering a limited time only deal of 50% off our ProElite package -- just in time for you to get a head start on your visa job search to live and work in America. When an employer says they will revoke a persona€™s H1B, all they can really do is request withdrawal of the petition. What can an employee do when you know in advance you will lose A job or be terminated from employment A on H1B Status?
In the best case scenario, the employee will be given advance notice of a termination and withdrawal. Lost job on H1B status without any prior notice, laid off, or sudden termination a€“ What can you do? If the prospects for a new job offer are not looking good, you may look into changing status to another visa type, such as H4 (if your spouse also holds an H1B) or F1. The H-1 employer can very well withdraw the H-1 petition now that you no longer work for them. I got my H1B approval notice last year but at the same time my husband got his i140 approved so decided not to go for H4EAD instead. But now my husband is planning to change his employer so I wanted to know if i can activate my H1B as cap exempt with another employer sponsorship, since i have never used my 3 years period of approved H1B petition? BTW, his change of employers doesn’t impact the approved H-4 EAD that you already have. If the petition is withdrawn before it is ever approved, then you cannot use that petition for future cap-exempt references.

If the petition is approved and then withdrawn, it may still be used for cap-exempt purposes. My US visa H1B Approved in 2012 and Expired in 2013, But the visa was not stamped at all, Can It be renewed again?
Can any directly serahc jobs in US or can any employer hire me based on the valid petition and file for recap of same H1B? 4: will I face any problem while withdraw and transfer?as I am transferring my petition to well noted organisation.
I am not sure about how many days, but your STEM extension needs to be applied within a specific timeframe.
This quota is typically around 65,000 and it can fill up super fast – usually in less than a week. We are experts in helping foreign nationals from all over the world, including Canada, work in the United States on the appropriate visas. VisaPlace provides access to independent attorneys and self-help services at your specific direction. But first you have to find a company to sponsor you for an H1B work visa or Green Card, and to do that, you need to find a job with an American employer. All rights reserved.All information, resources and services on this site are available to all people regardless of national origin and citizenship status. Only the immigration service, which is USCIS, can take that action and the regulations specify exactly when revocation is required in 20 CFR 214.2(h)(11). Once the immigration service ( USCIS) receives a written request to withdraw, it will lead to the automatic revocation of the petition. If this occurs, the employee should immediately begin making arrangements to either obtain a new job offer or look to other possible visas to remain in the country.
Say, my H1B is approved and I am currently on valid OPT but received RFE for STEM extension (had applied for 17-month extension) and asked to apply with a training plan. However, my company doesn’t have project and since my OPT is still valid, they asked me to work on any other projects. I am currently applying for STEM extension and my H1b petition is received (win the lottery but not approved yet).
If my H1b is approved and i want to withdraw H1b before change of status and stay in OPT (i believe it is possible if the employer request a revocation of the H1B petition before start date?), will that affect my future H1b petition (lottery and their decision)?
If the employer who petition for my H1b decided to withdraw the offer before start date, what will happen to my H1b petition? Can the H1b be transferred before starting date Oct 1st (actually in this case it will be a new petition, just cap exempt right)?
In green card petition, s it true that after I140 was approved, one can change company but still retain the previous PERM number? So if you lose job during cap-gap but are still eligible to apply for STEM extension, then go for it.
If you post on this blog, you assume full responsibility for disclosing your identity to the public and VisaPlace nor its affiliates are not responsible for protecting your privacy nor your identity concerning your participation in our blog and you assume any risks in participating.
With H1Base's considerable experience and expertise, our company has helped thousands of international graduates and professionals find excellent, high-salaried jobs in the United States during the past 12 years.

Also, it is important to point out that, although it is harsh, an employer is actually required to notify the immigration service when employment is terminated (either by the employeea€™s resignation or the employera€™s decision to fire).A  Visa holders may feel that an employer chooses to notify the immigration service out of spite, but they really have no choice.
Once a termination of employment occurs, the H-1B worker is immediately out of status; there is NO grace period.
If another visa is not an option, it may be best to leave the country temporarily while you continue to look for another job. If say I am fired when I am in my cap-gap, am I still in valid OPT work authorization until September 30? I d like to stay in STEM OPT instead of CAP GAP at this moment, if my STEM is approved before H1b, can i still switch to CAP GAP when my H1b being approved later? However, another employer can still file a cap-exempt petition for you using old petition as reference.
There is a possibility that they would send the petition back to USCIS for reconsideration if you withdraw it. We cannot provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies. It can be a time-consuming and sometimes-confusing process, but that''s where H1 Base's expertise and specialized services will benefit you and increase your opportunities to a sky-high level. And with customers in more than 130 countries worldwide, our company is the clear-cut industry leader in providing employment solutions to international students and overseas professionals alike. H1B Revocation certainly will impact the beneficiary of an approved petition, but first, a little lesson on the proper terminology. Therefore, whenever possible, action should be taken to file an H-1B petition for change of employer (i.e. A new employer can file a new H-1B petition for consular processing (since you are outside the country), but you would not be subject to the quota since you were previously counted.
In other words, – once my h1b visa is Approved, does the current employer still have power over it, and can he cancel it at any point after the Approval comes in?
H-1B transfer) or to file a change of status to another visa type before the termination occurs. The a€?nunc pro tunca€? gives the immigration officer discretion to approve the transfer and issue a new I-94 card even though you were out of status at the time of filing. There are some exceptions, so you should definitely consult with a qualified immigration attorney to confirm whether you are subject to the cap or not.
Once the H-1B transfer or change of status is filed, if the employer later notifies the immigration service of the termination or requests withdrawal, it generally would not impact the pending application or the immigration status.
This is more likely to occur if the transfer is filed quickly; a long delay in filing will likely lead to an approval without a new I-94 card. In that situation, you must exit the country, but can re-enter with a valid H-1B visa stamp. The main goal of the article is to help those in H1B status who may be facing termination of employment.

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