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HIGH HOPES: St Peter Claver College’s futsal team are eyeing success at the Oceania championships. A group of St Peter Claver College (SPC) students will be contesting the indoor soccer (Futsal) Oceanic titles on the Gold Coast next month.
The SPC senior team made the tournament after reaching the Queensland school futsal grand final, even beating renowned soccer school Ipswich Grammar along the way. Futsal is played on a basketball- sized court surrounded by nets with five players per side, compared to outdoor soccer’s 11. The fast-paced game is immensely popular in Brazil where a professional league attracts large crowds and television ratings.

SPC is best known for its rugby league program, but SPC’s futsal coach, Dallas Murphy, said he hoped his boys’ achievements would see the school become known as a futsal powerhouse.
It does not hurt SPC that their mentor and former head coach, Greg Farrell, is the Queensland futsal coach. It features the best two high school teams from each state in Australia and the best two New Zealand high school teams. Marcotting is a great way to propagate plants as it pretty much guarantees your cuttings will strike says gardening guru Phil Murray. To make a marcott you will need some sharp secateurs, a plastic bag, wire or twine and some peat moss or coconut fibre.

Phil also recommends adding a little seaweed or fish fertiliser to the peat moss to really get your cutting kicking.
Farrell coached the boys through the first half of the year before taking on a role at another school. They pretty much guarantee your cutting will propagate says Phil Murray who demonstrates how to make a marcott.

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