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The entire basketball shoot comes from the whole body; starting from the feet position, to the releasing of the ball from the hand. Practice, practice, practice … without practice there is no way you’ll improve your shoots.
You don’t have to make basketball playing complex, stick to the fundamentals (at least at the beginning). It is one of the most popular sport in the world and is very much popular to people of all ages. Practice every day for about half an hour to an hour of shooting the basket for skill improvement.

Since shooting is a motor skill, the muscles develop certain motor skill memory when t comes to shooting the basket. Think about the basket, think about the trajectory and think about the rim and ‘nothing but net’ result.
Once you’ve conquered the fundamentals you’ll get the urge to try something new or some more attractive moves.
Spring summer and parts of autumn are the best periods for shooting hoops in the neighborhood court or in the park. You won’t score all the time, but don’t be disappointed, even the professional basketball players miss the shot.
Almost every basketball player has its own favorite spot on the court from which he will score at any time.

It is good to have a partner to rebound your missed and scored balls so that you won’t chase the ball around the court to get it. That is because the muscles have remembered the movement that is required to shoot a precise basket towards the rim. Don’t let down yourself just because you missed couple of shots – that’s part of practicing, remember!
Make at least a series of 20 shots from one point or until you score many times in a row; then move to the next one.

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