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It seems like I put this as the heading of each post but I apologize for the lack of posts I sometimes forget I even have this blog. As for everything else i’m 3 months and technically 1 week on T (tomorrow will be 1 week).
I would just like to take note that i’m 3 months on Testosterone and I can still cry like a baby. I created a secret top surgery fund for him in hopes to surprise him for his birthday on August 30th. Right now, Richie doesn’t believe that top surgery will ever be a reality for him and I want to change that incredibly dangerous mind set. Please spread the word by reblogging and if you’re capable of donating anything, you have no idea how much it is appreciated. The Jim Collins Foundation raises money to fund gender-confirming surgeries for those transgender people who need surgery to live a healthy life, but have no ability to pay for it themselves.
The Jim Collins Foundation will be accepting applications from April 1st – August 1st, 2p3. Add to EJ Playlist  These are the changes I've experienced the past 6 months on testosterone. Add to EJ Playlist  Ryan Cassata teaches gay youtube stars some FTM (female to male) transgender slang terms through a fun slap-the-hand guessing game.
Add to EJ Playlist  Personal updates until 1:57, so skip to there if you're just looking for the video's topic! Add to EJ Playlist  Discussing the very personal topic of being a boy who gets his menstrual cycle, how it made me suicidal, and what I did to combat those feelings. Add to EJ Playlist  I had radial artery phalloplasty (FTM Lower surgery) using the forearm donor site, with the London Team under the care of Mr Christopher.

Add to EJ Playlist  Hey everyone I am uploading this video a bit early only because I don't want to forget to do it later. This month has had the most noticeable changes physically and I know it will only get better. I’m also having to drink water constantly again because my throat becomes dry super easily.
I called and asked my doctor if she had considered letting me change my dose and she forgot I wanted to up it and go weekly.
I’m not at all expecting $5000 to be raised by then, in fact, I don’t have any kind of expectation towards the amount raised before his birthday. No amount is too little so please do not feel embarrassed if you can only donate a dollar or two, I’m still just as humbled by your generosity. So I’m a 19 year old trans girl who has been transitioning for the last two years and I am currently trying to raise funds for top surgery (a breast augmentation)!
Unless you’re EXTREMELY lucky and go to a doctor with multiple trans patients, you’re going to be the one teaching them about the changes transitioning causes. My mustache is getting very dark and is super noticeable to everyone around me, so with that being said, I pass probably 80% now.
Depending on the light sometimes people can see the stache well and sometimes it just looks like stubble (which is what i’m going after anyways) As far other places on my face there is a couple of spots that will grow black hairs like near my sideburns and some on my chin. I just wanted to get this started for him as a surprise to remind him that there are so many people that love him and support him and are wishing him a happy birthday and I know any amount donated would be the best birthday surprise he could ever receive.
In that time, he has seen so many of his friends within the community get top surgery and it has been a silent struggle for him. I seem to recall another video you made that you had increased your dosage prior to you hysto.

It can be things anyone just randomly assumes about us or it can be things our own community stereotypes about us. This year for his birthday, I want him to truly believe that top surgery is entirely possible for him and unquestionably going to happen in the near future. The past few weeks I've been feeling crazy depression too and i hit my 6 months a few weeks ago. I can’t do that alone, so I’m reaching out to his family, friends, my followers on tumblr, as well as any kind strangers who may know what it feels like to deal with dysphoria or just want to help out an amazing guy who has done so much for others.
I honestly can’t imagine anything better than knowing that we all helped make it possible for him to live happily, authentically and without fear or insecurity of his identity, by contributing to the single most liberating and defining moment in his life. I know top surgery will change his life forever and I know that it is something that will give him back that contagious spark and thirst for life that he used to have and remind him that he once thought the world was beautiful and it still is. Like I really had nothing to offer except my smile and an ear whenever we hung out with them. I have to tell you, you are a fantastic person, a very gentle soul and loving man to your wife. I'm four months and am starting to feel a little down but also still excited about changes. I'm grateful for not being worried about still looking kind of like a woman but don't need to hide it.
I am grateful for not having any symptoms of my three medical problems since I made the decision.

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