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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For fitness tips, I’d like share couple of pictures demonstrating great warm up and post workout stretch, as both of them are very important to avoid injury. In terms of shopping, there are many end of season sales going on, and it’s a great time to grab some amazing deals!
Hope this chart helps you out a bit :) Feel free to print this out or pin it on Pinterest to help other people looking for fitness and diet tips.
Delete those links because it's against the rules, if you're going to take a multivitamin make sure you choose one with forms of vitamins and minerals that are properly absorbed i.e Orange Triad, Life Extension etc. What is a good pre-workout, or do you just advise in taking them all separately (which some do)? Yes about the links and you can take individual ingredients to make a DIY pre workout fairly easily but flavoring and measuring can be a bit laborious. Usually with every other supplement you get the same names pop up, but with pre-workouts you get different names all the time from different people. You complete pre-fatigue sets by completing an exercise to failure before moving directly into another exercise that works the same body part. If you like the looks of this workout, get more great workouts in the 8 week Best Body Bootcamp program!
I am thinking I might try 2-4 sets of your upper body one today, just to see how things go. I’ve never heard of pre-fatigue sets before but I love the lineup of these two workouts! I clearly have not done anything even remotely close to this in a while– looks like one of those workouts that has you feeling incredibly proud of finishing when you are done. These workouts seem like killlers, I can’t wait to feel the burn thanks for sharing!!! I am officially on a mission to get everyone doing some sort of strength training from home. The best thing about this type of training is that it yields results quicker than anything else. Anyway, I’ll get on with the task in hand here, before I waffle myself into a stupor and post this without including the workout LOL!! If strength training is something you are interested in, then either join a gym or invest in heavier weights.
Also begin to practice the Kettlebell Dead Clean (single then double), as you will need this skill when you perform the Double KB Front Squat. Body Weight Single-Leg Deadlift – will build range of movement, activate and develop stabiliser muscles, and core stability. If you are able to progress the weight each set, then you should not be able to manage as many reps. Try performing the exercise slower, to make it seem heavier – having the muscle under tension for longer will activate more muscle fibres.
Just to make sure I get the female strength chart; 45 X 10 means 10 reps with a 45lbs weight? Can i ask is it ok to use two different weights when doing this workout as i do not have two the same weight? Using two different weights is probably best for exercises were you have the KBs racked or are holding them like a suitcase.
You can do double front squats, deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, reverse lunges etc with 2 different weights, remember to swap them over to evenly work the core and each side ?? Hope this helps. The cardio was a really evil twist, and 6 rounds was a nightmare, but I guess I ran out of creativity after putting the other section together. What might improve your single-leg deadlifts is to really stretch out the hammies in between sets. BTW I have been busy here but I haven’t forgotten about your forum question ?? Will reply asap. This also gives you some idea of where you stand with certain basic exercises, and it is broken down according to weight and sex.

I haven’t tried lots of pushups in a row for a while (they are so boring), but it is satisfying to think that I am advanced or elite in at least a couple of things.
Also, I love how the beautiful multi-coloured collection of kettlebells is like a wee audience cheering you on during your crazy metabolic circuit – even Nemesis! Right, for the pull ups: When I first tried my first pull up (about 2 and a half years a go), I could just about do 1. I have been following you for a little while now and I have to say that you are producing amazing workouts I especially love this one.
I must also compliment you on not being afraid of lifting heavy weights, so many woman are so afraid of bulking up that they don’t realize how incredible difficult is to do that. On the chart you list in the beginners column BW what does that mean if you don’t mind? Hi, the breaks are an individual thing, but sometimes it can take a couple of minutes to recover. I was under the impression that the meal plan was to lose weight and gain muscle, but for underweight people, would you recommend it?
I recently strained my foot during a run, thinking I had stretched well beforehand (thought wrong… woops). I'm 1000 calories short (I know) and this made me consider using a mass gainer complex to get some more cals and macros into my system.
Xplode - It seems to appeal to me the most because, well, taste (not that I give a **** about taste), and the ingredients seem OK. Xplode provides 1g (if I remember correctly), plus on rest days I'd not be taking pre-workout of course. Although if you're having trouble getting in enough calories, you may be better off staying with Syntha-6, since it's more calorie dense. This combination really challenges the strength endurance and can help push you past a workout plateau as you work your muscles to exhaustion…and then some more.
If you love that pumped up feeling from a good strength workout, then this should sound good to you.
Definitely something I’d have to try when I knew I had a good amount of time to recover afterwards!
I’ll be signing up for bootcamp next week when my paycheck comes in, but I am SO SO excited for it. I just finished Fitmixer Bootcamp on Friday, and was wondering what I was going to do for a workout today…guess I found one to do right here!! Just do lighter weights for the strength sets and maybe not push to full fatigue on the fatigue sets.
Even though I supplement my own training with barbell lifts and dips in the gym, it IS possible to build considerable strength without stepping foot in a gym. For this workout, the exercise technique does NOT change, what will change is whether you are using body weight or lighter weights, the reps you do (depending on the weight) and the time intervals. I told myself I wanted to do a Masters, which I have applied for this year (at 28 years old, I need to choose a subject of expertise), so it WILL happen. After the 4th and final Bridging Combo, you then have 18 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training ?? Do you hate me yet?? Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 18 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort and complete 6 rounds of the following 3 exercises. For the likes of the rows (especially the renegade rows were you need to balance your body weight on them) I would not recommend using 2 differing weights.
SLDL (10+12 Kg) x 12, (12 +14 Kg) x 10, (14 +16 Kg) x 10 — that’s all the weights I have, but could have gone up!
I think I did it wrong, I was doing the bridge combo after each exercise, but I was doing it like this, Double KB Front Squats, 10 Close Pushs, 5 Pullups, Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift, right then left, 10 Close Push ups, 5 pullups, Kettlebell Hang Clean to Miltary Press, right then left, 10 Close push ups,5 pull ups, Single Leg Hip Thrusts right and left, 10 Close push ups, 5 pull ups.
Can I ask, how long did it take you after you started training seriously to be able to do unassisted pull-ups? I look forward to checking your site for new workouts, and going through the back catalogue of great posts in the meantime. Andrew would then help assist the rest by supporting some of my weight with my feet pressing into his hands.

I'm going to avoid that and go for plain whey protein and just take more meals and make them more frequent, I think. Multivitamin just in case I miss anything in my diet, I mean it's a vitamin lol :P, pre-workout for more reps and sets during my workouts.
Obviously I'd need to add some more creatine in (I think it's only got 1g) but other than that it seems fine. Xplode is not a good pre workout, it under doses the beneficial ingredients and if you're going to take creatine mono then you'd be taking in more than needed. Complete the 2 paired exercises together back to back with minimal rest but give your muscles a chance to recover after the full superset. If you do have a membership already, then I would highly recommend you use it for the heavier lifts you cannot do at home. Ensuring you have mastered the technique, your goal should be to increase the load and thus, your strength. Doing the double Kettlebell single leg deadlifts allowed me to get the benefit of heavier weights without going to the gym. If they are pro-grade bells, it might be possible (as they are all the same size no matter the weight), but standard bells will fall over easily. On top of that we are getting more and more thoracic surgical patients too (as the thoracic ward have had their beds cut). Then I did two more rounds of that so by the end I did 120 push ups, and 60 pullups for the bridge combo.
Forget that other site that shall remain nameless — I am officially a myomytv convert.
I tried two of them and it was hell – so I like it very much ?? but I have question: do you take breaks between sets and if how long?
Then if you lift weights you need to give your muscle the food it needs to BUILD more muscle.
I'm looking for something that provides energy but doesn't have so much caffeine and stuff that it gives me a heart attack (exaggerated, of course). Creating workouts is definitely something that pumps me up…almost as much as completing a good workout. This way of training, is like adding strings to your bow, the more ya got the further you will go. Ever since I saw this table on Bret Contreras’s blog about Female Strength Levels, I have wanted to push beyond what I am currently doing, because I know I have more in the tank. Fitness and strength-wise, about 2-3 years ago, I was in the beginner column for all of the exercises below.
However, it is important to remember that single-leg exercises are not enough on their own. Need to work on my range of movement for my arm tucking LOL ?? Will practice at tonights class – there are always loads of push presses – thanks Andrew!!! I was thinking during it man this is a lot of push ups and then at the end there were burpees(oh crap I did burpee push ups too!) So then I re read how you had it written and thought geez I think I did too much.
I’m working on it, but can still only manage one before the chair comes out to help me. While you’re here checking out the new design, you may as well register for Best Body Bootcamp too.
Each workout has pairs of exercises – do the first exercise to fatigue and then finish out with 8 to 12 reps of the second exercise in each pairing. As I know there will be people who are at an intermediate level, but don’t have heavy enough weights available to make this a strength workout, the option is there to do a higher rep range, making it a muscular endurance workout. Even though being in charge involves some politics and stress, it’s great experience.
When you walk past, do your 1 pull up and, before you know it, you’ll do 2 without a chair, then 3 and so on.

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