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The term steroid is used to describe a crucial compound which is used to produce many medicines today. There are other forms of steroids produced by the adrenal glands of the body and all of them have their own unique function. Corticosteroids are hormones which contain cortisol and cortisone and these hormones aid and strengthen the immune system.
Bile salts or bile acids are steroids that are produced in the liver and are essential for the absorption of fats and digestion. Mineralocorticoids are those hormones which balance potassium and sodium in the human body.
These are substances which are used to artificially induce the effects of androgen or testosterone which is the male sexual hormone.
These steroids are often taken orally or are available in the form of creams which are rubbed directly onto the skin of the user. These side effects can be broadly divided into long term and short term effects on males and females. While in the long run females might experience abnormal menstrual cycles, deeper voice and enlarged clitoris.
What we need to understand here is that all these side effects are subject to the usage of these steroids. Furthermore, you might want to resort to safer products like Anadrole (A-Drol) that recreates the effects of Oxymethalone but without side effects. This is actually a slowdown in the normal functioning of the testicles, which can lead to the reduction of testosterone but also of spermatogenesis. These phenomena can occur in men androgen-sensitive, this translates into a swelling mammary glands (gynescomatie) and a tendency to accumulate fat. There in some people (abuse of androgenic pills), development of aggressive behavior, sometimes violent. They increase cholesterol and tri glycerin, and in the same case there is a fall in the level of HDL. The assumption that steroids would likely cause or contribute to an enlarged prostate or cancer can not be excluded or confirmed. Taking them has a very toxic harm to the kidneys and can affect long-term to their operation.
INCREASED APPETITE:  a huge appetite when the person receives large doses of dexamethasone.
When using them on long term, we must continually increase the dose to maintain the same effect. These molecules are very important when it comes to producing medicines and are widely used in the health industry. The popular member of this family is cholesterol, while the other forms of sterols are sued to strengthen cell walls and extract Vitamin D from sunlight. As mentioned earlier, these are responsible for the growth of the body and enhancing muscles among males.
Among them, however, there are only a few which can be safely used by human beings and administered to animals.

The most common way in which it is taken is via injections; the steroids are directly injected into the blood stream with the help of a needle. One of the common Anabolic steroids side effects are the development of androgenic characteristics or virilization.
These can enlarge some internal organs, increase calcium content in bones, and enhance muscle mass.
These steroids, although are an extension of male sexual hormones, still effect men negatively. If anabolic steroids are used responsibly and the dose is not exceeded then the side effects can be minimized to a great extent. The extent of this phenomenon depends much on the duration of treatment and the product used. This results in an increase in fluid retention, which is accompanied by a swelling of tissues (edema). This problem arises especially at the end of the treatment, as there is at this time the increase in estrogen levels.
We can’t say that adverse reactions will never occur, because they can, but in almost all cases someone using Anavar responsibly will get positive results only. In order to better understand anabolic steroids and their side effects, let’s take a detailed look.
These include formation of facial hair, extension or growth of male sex glands initially, and a deepening effect on voice.
Every day the patient must consume enough calcium, an important mineral that is found in the bones, and vitamin D to help the bones absorb calcium. It’s important to first understand the hormone Oxandrolone, which is Anavar, and once we do we can anticipate the possible side effects.
These are chemicals which are produced in various organs, like the heart, brain, and sex organs, to transmit signals to different parts of the body. These signals are transmitted through cells that alter the way some parts of the body operate. Avoid adding salt to food or serving foods that contain a lot of salt (sodium), as processed foods. Keep plenty of low-calorie snacks around, such as fruits and vegetables or popcorn without salt or butter. Click here to buy Anavar (P-Var) online.There’s another issue which concerns the suppression of testosterone and of course virilization, so we’ll go into all these topics so that you’re fully informed regarding the safe use of Anavar. Below are some of the different categories of negative effects and adverse reactions that can occur. For some reason the breakouts appear on the back and shoulders, but they sometimes do spread to the chest and in extreme cases, to the face. If you are prone to acne make sure you change your shirt after perspiring or take a shower right away if you can.
DHT tends to negatively affect hair follicles and cause them to deteriorate which results in hair-loss. If you are genetically programmed to lose your hair, the DHT compound may make this happen sooner.You may be able to counteract this by using the 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor called Finasteride, which is can be found under the brand names Propecia and Proscar.

Using Finasteride can probably help your hairline, however it is a powerful androgen suppressor so be careful. And don’t forget, if you are not genetically programmed for hair-loss, you will not lose your hair due to DHT.Anavar and Prostate EnlargementThere is another, more serious side effect associated with DHT, which is prostate enlargement. When there is a huge buildup of DHT in the system this can occur, but in the case of Anavar, it would take massive amounts of the hormone over a long duration for this kind of reaction. But as a precaution, if you do have an enlarged prostate gland, you should definitely not take Anavar.
And if for some reason you do get an enlarged prostate because of taking supplements, all is not lost. Guide to the bext Anavar cutting cycles and stacks here.Anavar and HepatotoxicityAnavar side effects are no different than most other oral anabolic steroids in terms of being hepatotoxic because of its C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) make up. In fact performance doses will usually not cause a big increase; but don’t forget you need to follow the rules. You have got to follow the dosage guidelines and use this responsibly.Do not drink to excess while using Anavar. You should also avoid taking any over-the-counter medications if at all possible because many of these medications have a much stronger effect on the liver than Anavar, so you don’t want to combine them.
If you can follow these rules, and you should be able to, although your liver enzymes may increase while taking Anavar, they will go back down to normal levels soon after you cease taking the supplements.Anavar Side Effects for WomenOne of the worrisome side effects that can result from using Anavar is virilization, which is the development of masculine traits in women.
However if symptoms begin to appear due to taking too much Anavar, there is help.First of all you need to stop taking Anavar the moment you notice symptoms and they should disappear quickly and you’ll be back to normal soon enough. However if you do ignore the signs of virilization, you may have these masculine traits permanently.To play it safe, the majority of women take 10mg a day for no longer than 6 to 8 weeks and this works out perfectly find. Some women do end up increasing their dose, but this is not recommended until after it’s been shown to be a positive experience at the 10mg a day dosage. For women who want to try a little more, then 15mg a day would be your next dosage level, and possibly 20mg a day down the road.But one thing is important to understand and that with each increase in dosage over 10mg per day, you increase your chances of virilization significantly and any woman taking over 20mg a day can be sure it will happen.
That being the case, remember that most women get all the results they want from 10mg a day, which means this is the safest effective dose for women. Click here to purchase Anavar (P-Var) pills.Anavar and Testosterone SuppressionAnother class of Anavar adverse effects relate to testosterone production for men.
The Oxandrolone hormone does have a mild effect on the HPTA, not a strong effect, but it can influence it mildly. Your Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) as well as your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) will both be affected to a degree and suppressed as a result. However your Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) won’t be suppressed.This information is important because if you take Anavar in low to moderate doses only, you may be able to avoid the need for exogenous testosterone supplements.
The exception to the rule would be if you are taking Anavar in actual performances doses, and possibly with other anabolic steroids, you must take enough exogenous testosterone to stay healthy and if you don’t do this, you may wind up with very low testosterone, an unhealthy condition.
I Tain martial arts and reading all the literature it sounds like anavar is a good choice of supplements.

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