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Legal disclaimer: Since we are not doctors, never follow anything based on health-related topics on this or related sites without first consulting with your doctor or other trusted health professional. What it illustrates is how the body has a a€?set pointa€?, gradually adjusting appetite so as to protect fat stores from being depleted to zero!
I was completely unaware of this trend until I graphed it, sensing only that initial weight loss (fat loss) was easy to accomplish simply by eating less than I burned off.
But after five months of intense training, appetite increased substantiallya€” my body was demanding more calories after losing about 40 pounds of fat, as proven by the DEXA scan. Exactly how to break through this appetite-resistance issue is unclear, because salads, etc do not seem effective in tricking my system into accepting bulk as a substitute for calories. The upward trend in late September 2011 was deliberate: extra calories the week prior to the Everest Challenge to ensure full recovery. Note accounted for in the deficit calculation are the increasing caloric demands to maintain ~12 pounds more muscle tissue than at the start of the year (muscle tissue takes calories to maintain). Talk of the Nation presented a very interesting discussion of how "New Years Resolutions" can actually work.

I stopped my heart rate monitor after 55 minutes, so it included a few minutes of rest between "warm-up" and "workout," and about 20 minutes of laying around stretching. What I can't believe, looking back on my morning, was that I was taking a 90# weight and pulling it off the ground, bringing it to my shoulders, front-squatting with it, and then "thrusting" it overhead. The virtue of so-called "Olympic" lifting is that it is about full range of motion and full body exercise.
I've seen an outstanding x-fit video where a woman named Christy does a sub 4 minute "Fran" with prescribed weights. While this diet takes willpower, and some work, I also feel strong, calm, energized, happy, and satisfied with myself. Randy sprang one on our group today called "Betsy," not to be confused with the "Betsy" I made up and we did on Jan 1st this year. Apparently, what this means is, if you eat slightly less than your BMR, you'll lose weight even if you don't exercise. The calorie deficit each day has continued to narrow to zero, with no conscious control of the trend on my part.

Ramping up daily exercise to an average of over 1600 Kj per day helps maintain a somewhat larger caloric deficit with less discipline, but ita€™s also clear (via appetite) that the system has its own exquisitely unforgiving assessment of how much ita€™s being cheated, and how much time remains before starvinga€” a set point statis must be maintained.
Even so, weight dropped during that week, showing that short term inputs do not necessarily change body weight; the body might use those calories to build more muscle (for example), or to catch up on deferred repairs, or to deal with other stresses, such as high altitude causing demands for more red blood cells. The nominal caloric requirements for body needs were fixed at 2100 calories per day for the purposes of this graph. Something I wanted to add, after reading your post, is that the Mediterranean diet is more than just the accumulations of the foods they eat. But the behavioral habits of healthy eating are critical to make this lifestyle work for you.
If you are eating Mediterranean foods, but are gobbling in the car, playing X-box, or in other distracting conditions, you will overconsume.

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