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A stunning mum-of-four who lost a staggering TEN STONE and slimmed from a size 28 to a size 8 wants to help others lose the weight- without NHS help.
Busy mum Catherine Powell, 37, who weighed 20 stone, lost half of her body weight in just 16 months thanks to sheer hard work and determination and she says that people shouldn’t resort to NHS gastric bands to lose weight.
But she lost the weight thanks to hard work- instead of tax-payer funded gastric bands or weight loss surgery, and she wants to help others realise they can lose the weight this way too. Catherine decided she needed to lose weight after she thought she was having a heart attack in bed one night. Catherine joined her local Slimming World group in January 2012  and determined, she set about cooking her own meals and following a healthy eating plans with lots of fruit and vegetables. Catherine bought a ?20 exercise bike and would work out while watching her favourite soaps on tv and in a year she had shed EIGHT STONE, losing another TWO stone in just four months after that.
And as a result of her amazing transformation from a size 28 and 20 stone to a slim size 8 and 10 stone, Catherine’s health problems vanished and not only did she not need her knee replaced- she is now a keen RUNNER. Two years on Catherine has maintained an enviable size 8 figure, which is a staggering TEN dresses smaller than she was. Catherine now runs her own Slimming World group in Alsager because she wants to help others who are in the position she was- without them resorting to weight loss surgery. Catherine hopes she can help others to shed the weight and live a healthy life without surgical help. A female climber has made a miraculous recovery after a horror 50 FOOT fall - and now managed to climb once more.
A baby boy who battled through two open-heart operations has just celebrated his first birthday- with thanks to a COW heart. A young amputee has had radical surgery to create a new knee joint using her LEFT FOOT – which has been attached BACKWARDS.
Meet the Bristol teenager following in the footsteps of stage and on-screen dancer Billy Elliot. A pretty brunette has undergone a ?7,000 butt lift so she can have a bum to rival her idol Kim Kardashian. The right amounts of proven natural ingredients in a weight loss supplement do more than give you a slimmer figure.
We know that diet products have a bad reputation with many people, causing misconceptions about weight loss supplements.
A safe, natural weight loss supplement stops the hunger pangs that make you weak and jumpy. When the celebrity of the moment endorses a natural weight loss supplement, it means he or she is getting paid to do it.
Using more of a weight loss supplement, even one with all natural ingredients, can be dangerous.
Taking more of an appetite suppressant than recommended, or going on a starvation diet won't help you keep weight off, and may cause weakness and ill health. Wheatgrass is full of chlorophyll, a green pigment in plants, is responsible for light absorption and aids photosynthesis.The chlorophyll in wheatgrass prevents alkaline imbalance the body and guards against many diseases. One of the most prevalent misconceptions about weight loss supplements is that any product that gives you instant energy is dangerous.
Just as there are superfoods like kale, spinach, strawberries, oily fish (salmon, etc), there are super-supplements that do help users maintain superior health. The wheatgrass in some natural weight loss supplements contains magnesium, selenium, zinc, iron, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, potassium, calcium, B-complex vitamins, (see list under #10 misconception about weight loss supplements.) amino acids and enzymes.
A cheaply made weight loss supplement may be easy on the pocketbook, but it can harm your health – and it won't help you shed pounds, either. This misconception about weight loss supplements can keep you away from some excellent products. Using the correct supplement for your age, health condition and lifestyle, following directions and wrapping it all up with a healthy lifestyle is the key to taking the weight off quickly and keeping it off.

Some weight loss supplements contains B-complex vitamins, which make the body stronger and protects the organs against disease. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - offers protection against heart disease, cataracts and Alzheimer's. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - transports oxygen throughout the tissues and organs to aid red blood cell production.
Vitamin B5 (panthothenic acid) - breaks down carbohydrates contributes to healthy, supple skin, guards against asthma, allergies, heart disease and strengthens the immune system.
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Safety Nature New Slimming Pills , Queen Weight Loss Herbal Supplements Product Description With modern technology, Queen slimming capsules are made of the extracts from many herbs. Meizi Evolution Natural Slimming pills , Reduce Weight loss Pills Original Meizi Evolution MZE Reduce Weight Diet Pills Description: This product selects the natural plants that have been acknowledged by the Dai minorities of Yunnan to have the beautifying and slimming effects.
Beautiful Slim Body , Weight Loss, Slimming Capsules, New Slim Fast Pills, Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills Descrition: Beautiful Slim Body, 2011 New Slim Fast Pills 1. Some of theses myths lead people to cheap or unhealthy supplements while other misconceptions keep people away from beneficial products. For example, an oxygen-rich wheatgrass-based weight loss supplement does more than reduce your appetite. For every vigorously -touted weight loss supplement that doesn't deliver what it promises, there are natural weight loss formulas that help you lose weight and give you energy and improve your health. That's not enough to make you healthy, which is the ultimate goal of shedding unwanted pounds. However, when you do eat while you're on your diet, you'll need to consume a well-balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner, consisting of nutritious foods including whole grains, lean meat, salmon or another Omega-3 rich fish, fruits, vegetables,and nuts or seeds. If you take more of the weight loss supplement than recommended, you'll lose weight faster. It's no different that taking too many vitamins, drinking too much water, or taking more of a prescribed medication than your doctor recommends. By knowing the misconceptions about weightloss supplements, you can learn to choose the right supplement, and use it consistently for best results.

The African herb Hoodia was popular for several years as an appetite suppressant, but it's rarely mentioned anymore. Science and nutritional validation are necessary to attract and keep customers in the long term. The safety of a diet supplement depends on the ingredients used, and the amount of each ingredient in a recommended daily dosage.
When looking for a supplement to help you lose weight, choose products made by reputable companies. As any individual who has taken certain vitamins, health supplements or natural weight management supplements can tell you, taking the right one can boost your energy and provide you with nutrients to aid your overall health. It offers anti-aging properties and may reduce the chance of migraines, muscle cramps and acne. Victory left Mark Hughes’s men level on points with Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. It can speed up metabolism and increase the energy, help the body to burn fat and remove deposited fat quickly. The capsule has passed the national drug certification, food GMP standard certification and is proved to be safe and free of side effects.
It increases energy and helps secure the body's  proper pH balance, leading to optimal health. Some myths steer people away from good products because they're afraid of weight loss supplement safety standards; other misconceptions drive people to purchase highly publicized diet pills or powders that don't work or may cause high blood pressure or other health problems over time. You need to keep your body moving to feel better and look better, whether you're dieting or not. It's not only the amount of food you eat that determines your ultimate health – it's the nutrients in those foods. If you follow the directions on a diet supplement package, you'll lose weight within a safe time frame.
Only companies with nutritionally superior products can stay in business for the long-term. Only buy supplements from companies that perform nutraceutical research on potential products, as well as quality testing, before approving them for sale. A proprietary formula made with wheatgrass gives users plenty of natural energy, and its other vitamins and nutrients will give you even more verve.
The goal is to take the weight off and keep it off, and following supplement directions is one part of a sensible diet plan. The herb Ma Huang proved harmful to many users and was banned for use in over-the-counter supplements in 2004. A natural weight loss supplement will help you maintain that energy all day and curb your appetite. Instead of feeling unfocused because you just took a caffeine-heavy supplement that made you jumpy and nervous, you'll have natural energy for walking, jogging, yoga or other moderate exercise. Look for a product that's been sold all over the world for many years with a good track record. Having a specific weight loss goal, meal plans and exercise or activity schedule will keep you motivated. WebMD and the Mayo Clinic consider wheatgrass a safe supplement when used in addition to a proper diet.
Do athletes and entertainers seek out the weight loss supplement, instead of being asked to promote the product by the manufacturer?

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