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AviGain is a high-energy formulation of complex carbohydrates, vegetable fat, and proteins.
I get several dozen emails everyday; a fair portion of them are from folks seeking advice on how to help their dog gain weight. Most dogs do not need to gain weight as they do not have the bone structure or cartilage that can support the weight gain.
If you want your dog to gain weight, and I'm talking healthy weight gain; start by going with a grain free dog food. Of course you can let your dog lay on the couch and eat snacks with you and you both will gain weight.

Trophy Dyne High Calorie Animal Supplement is an incredible product that those in the know have been using for years to add weight to malnourished animals. I will tell you right now, I have never used K9 Super Fuel as I am not trying to get my dogs to gain weight or even build muscle. Nutri-Cal is a supplement that has been popular for years with those who want their dog to gain weight. Meg-A-Cal is a very similar product to Nutri-cal, both are high calorie supplements, but here you can buy it by the gallon, for those who are serious about their dog gaining weight. Does your dog have what it takes to earn hundreds and even thousands as a Pitbull Stud dog?

If you dream of owning your own kennel, but don't know where to start, you will want to hear what I have to say on how to start and run a top notch pitbull kennel. If you love pitbulls and are not afraid of hard work, I'll tell you how to BECOME A TOP PITBULL BREEDER.
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