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Arthritis in fingers is a common disability, which may occur due to Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis.
With 27 bones in each hand, there are several joints in the finger offering huge possibilities for arthritis to develop in the fingers.
Understanding the symptoms of arthritis of the fingers helps to diagnose and treat the problem in its early stages before it reaches its advance stages, and cause further complications. In the arthritis of fingers, when the cartilage erodes and bones tend to rub against one another, the bones may grow spurs. With the advancement of arthritis in the fingers, swelling can increase and also cause redness. Crepitation, a medical condition in which any movement of the arthritis affected body part can make crunching or grinding sounds of joints. Health Tips7 Magnesium-Rich Food For Your KidsNot many people are aware of the enormous role magnesium plays in our health. In addition, people use fingers to do a lot of activities, more than any other part of the body.

This pain often signals that the finger bones are rubbing against each other, wearing away the cartilage.
When the bones start degrading, hands and fingers begin to become stiff and hinders activities that involves the use of hands. In many cases, this type of arthritis tends to affect the knuckles of our hands and can easily go unrecognized for several years. With arthritis in fingers, you may hear such sounds while performing several activities with your fingers and could easily ignore them as they may appear normal.
With arthritis of the finger, you may experience dullness or numbness in your hands and feel that you are left with absolutely no strength to use them. Currently OHP offers Chiropractic care, Active Release Techniques, Cox Flexion Distraction and Decompression, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Exercise Rehabilitation, and Naturopathy. However, in its advanced stages, arthritis in fingers may lead to serious joint deformities and restrict the use of hands completely.
So, arthritis of fingers can be very incapacitating as it restricts the ability to perform daily activities.

During this medical condition, it is important to take a lot of rest and see a doctor to prevent further complications.
The symptoms of arthritis in the fingers are considered to develop slowly, but constantly get worse over the period of time.
This problem is felt when you need the strength of your grip to perform any task such as buttoning a shirt, opening a tight jar or even holding a mobile phone.
In many case, people may have problems only in one hand, where as the other hand could be just fine.
Many times, this symptom goes unrecognized or is ignored because people are not aware that this simple sign of tiredness could be a symptom of an early or advanced stage of arthritis in the fingers.

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