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Vitamin E, heard a lot about it, read a lot about it, but do you utilize this precious vitamin to make a difference to your skin and hair?? Did you know that a recent study by US Scientists at Ohio State University has found out that when quitting smoking, taking vitamin E capsules help. Have reading a lot about these vitamin E capsules….cud u plz tel me is der any specific name for dis capsules??? Can you please tell me the dosage of capsule i.e shuld i take vit -e evion 400 or evion 200 per day. Details:Royal Jelly & Vitamin E Skin Oil is a unique Vitamin E oil Enriched with Natural essence specially formulated for normal to dry skin type. Let me show you 7 simple ways in which you can use vitamin E capsules in your skin and hair beautification! Vitamin E Skin Serum:  Pop open a vitamin E capsule and squeeze out the liquid onto your clean palms. Vitamin E Skin Cream:  Add a vitamin E capsule to your night cream, and whip up the whole mixture, and voila!

Vitamin E Elbow, Knee, and Cuticle Softener:  Apply a concentrated dose of vitamin E to your elbows and knees after exfoliating them, and rub in the oil. Acne and Scar Treatment:  Owing to its antioxidant properties, Vitamin E when applied topically helps in treating acne, as well as fading away those scars and ugly pimple marks. Apparently, vitamin E capsules taken in the correct quantity, help in improving the blood vessel function which thereby help in bringing an ex smoker’s risk of getting a cardiovascular disease to a non smoker’s risk level.
Yes, adding it to creams and lotions guarantees you of the authenticity of it being vitamin e enriched.
This special formulas render skin an optimun level of moistarization and revitalization, improving the apperance of aging skint. Blackmores Vitamin E is a natural source vitamin supplement.Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant vitamin, directly involved in preventing free radical activity and lipid peroxidation (damage to polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes). Gulp down one capsule of vitamin E every day for fifteen days, and be amazed at the difference it does to your skin and hair. I suggest you take it as a supplement, its really the best way to combat both skin and hair problems from the inside out.

With our Vitamin-E Facial Oil, You Skin will always stay young and healthy, silky soft and Smooth. The action of vitamin E on the skin and blood vessels is likely to be due to its antioxidant actions. Take care not to use too much, as it is very sticky and oily and you will end up with an oily face and your pillow would be all oily!
Smooth out this liquid onto your hair lengths, also for extra nourishment, you could apply it your scalp too. Free radicals may be generated by essentially normal metabolism and lifestyle factors such as exposure to cigarette smoke, alcohol intake, certain preservatives in food (eg.
But, again, be cautious, its sticky, so your hair would get very sticky (unlike the commercial serums, which disappear into your hair).

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