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Other Ingredients: Marine Coral Concentrate, Stabilized Rice Bran, 100% solvent-free, excipient-free vegetable capsules. Dietary supplement C Plus contains four standardised vitamin C extracts, which are its natural sources. A dietary supplement is especially recommended for people with hypertension, smokers, people under stress, and diabetics. The components of Invita C Plus vitamin C supplements are carefully selected plant natural extracts, extremely rich vitamin C sources.
Fruit of Dog rose (Rosa canina L.) from among all plant materials in our climate zone contain the most vitamin C, known for its antioxidant properties.
Goyi berries (Lycium barbarum L.) in addition to a large amount of vitamin C, contain in its composition many valuable nutrients, which are characterized by a very high biological activity. Overall Natural Collagen Lip Gloss is one of the best lip gloss or lip balms I have ever tried.
It is no surprise that Inventia believes it is naturally one of the BEST LIP GLOSS products on the market!
Once applied, My lips felt super supple and moist and do I need to mention the scent was DELICIOUS! CollagenExclusive distributor for Natural Collagen Inventia products in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
For overweight and obese adults, vitamin C supplements could replace exercise, according to a recent study. Researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder found that taking vitamin C supplements daily can have similar cardiovascular benefits as regular exercise in overweight and obese adults, The Los Angeles Times reported.
Caitlin Dow, lead author of the study, told the Times the findings are "particularly important" for overweight and obese adults who cannot exercise due to physical limitations.
The blood vessels of overweight and obese adults have elevated activity of the small vessel-constricting protein endothelin (ET)-1.
Jun 14, 2016 AM EDTNew study conducted by a team of scientists found that statin drug may not be effective for heart disease prevention in elderly. Jun 10, 2016 AM EDTUS college rankings is a topic often searched by parents and high schools students to find out which school is the best for them. About 99% of all vitamin C products on the market today are synthetically made ascorbic acid – or variations such as calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate or potassium ascorbate.
A third of the population is vitamin C deficient, and 20% of the population are seriously deficient. The freshest your fruit and vegetables, the more colours you eat the higher the vitamin C content. This beneficial effect occurs when 200 mg of ascorbic acid  is consumed per day, above the recommended daily dose. Rosehips is characterized by a high content of a variety of biologically active compounds1. Wealth of vitamins and minerals makes them very promising foodstuff and are also low- calorie. Collagen Booster Lip Gloss is a special lip care product that clearly restores skin's protective barrier, protecting your lip from drying out.

The fact is that vitamin C is a truly important vitamin when it comes to keeping your gums healthy and disease free.
Because of the high ET-1 activity, these vessels are more prone to constricting, becoming less responsive to blood flow demand and increasing risk of developing vascular disease,Newsmax reported. Fifteen of the participants got the walking treatment, while the rest took the vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C supplementation represents an effective lifestyle strategy for reducing ET-1-mediated vessel constriction in overweight and obese adults. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. Despite marketing claims, these laboratory-produced powders are not natural vitamin C — and far from it. Free radicals are extremely harmful to the body and are a main cause of chronic and degenerative disease as well as cancer. One fruit, weighing only 4 grams contains as much of ascorbic acid as 1 kilogram of lemons.
Chinese herb literature uses Goyi berries in the treatment of heart, liver, spleen and kidneys. The collagen lip gloss feels light and but seriously smoothes and can even regenerate lips.
Vitamin C strengthens the blood vessels and connective tissues that hold your teeth in your jaw – also known as your gums! Exercise has been shown to reduce ET-1 activity, but incorporating an exercise regimen into a daily routine can be challenging. They are chemically synthesized molecules manufactured in a test tube and are often made from genetically modified corn sugar. Due to the refining process no proteins exist that may cause allergies or risk of hormone or GMO influence.
Only a few fruits of this unique plant is able to complete the daily requirement for vitamin C. In contrast, cup (180 ml) freshly squeezed acerola fruit, may contains as much vitamin C as 14 liters of orange juice7. The study confirmed the anti-atherosclerotic effect and a positive effect on carbohydrate metabolism.
What I realized was that the gloss was just being absorbed into my lips, because my lips still felt soft and moisturized even once I couldn't feel the gloss on my lips. It comes in a teensy little container that fits in an even bag or even a jeans pocket so you can have it with you whenever you need it. As two hours past I this felt my lips super moisten and still had a lil scent of the fruitiness.
Vitamin C has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property that reduces swelling and bleeding, increases your gum’s resistance to infections. These synthetic molecules mimic only one component of the multitude of life-supporting nutrient complexes found in real natural vitamin C. No magnesium stearate (a toxic excipient), corn, salt, sugar, wheat, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, binders, glues or other toxic tagalongs as found in tablets and gelatin capsules.

Do not use if prone to kidney stones and with hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the product.
In addition, rose hips are rich in bioflavonoids, pro-vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and K and minerals.
In addition, acerola fruits contain a significant amount of pro-vitamin A, B vitamins, niacin, vitamin PP, calcium, phosphorus and iron. The results also suggest that the extract of the fruit of goyi positive effects on the retina of the eye, and prevents the development of glaucoma8. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends the use of the fruit of this plant in the treatment of tumors and gastroenteritis9. I sure recommend this lip gloss to get the maximum benefits you want for sexy smooth plump lips. It also inhibits the bacteria that cause gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease.
Increased intake of ascorbic acid is recommended in particular pregnant women, nursing mothers and for physically active people. Contained in the rind of the fruit bioflavonoids with antioxidant action, protects the human body against the harmful effects of free radicals.
Goya fruit are rich in vitamins A, C and B as well as minerals necessary for proper functioning of our body, mainly iron. This means that some extra vitamin C is extremely helpful before dental or oral surgery of any kind. Vitamin C present in dog rose inhibits the formation of chemical compounds responsible for the carcinogenic processes e. Acerola has long been used in traditional medicine as a remedy for dysentery (shigellosis), diarrhea and liver diseases. Few people realize that the recommended dosage of vitamin C is only around 100 mg, and 120 for breastfeeding women. In the pharmaceutical industry acerola fruit extract is used for products recommended in cold and the weakness as well as for the treatment of infection or rheumatic diseases. Goyi berries consumption is especially recommended for people with reduced immunity and children.
The general mindset for vitamin C has been “more is better” for years, but fortunately, large doses don’t hurt, as they are simply flushed out of the system, creating expensive, well-fortified urine. The extract of acerola fruit used for the manufacture of a dietary supplement Invita C Plus contains 17% of Vitamin C.
Goyi berry extract used for the production of dietary supplements Invita C Plus contains 10% natural vitamin C. The discovery of recent years is found in dog rose specific galaktolipid (called GOPO) showing anti-inflammatory potential and being extremely effective in the treatment of arthritis1. The extract of dog rose used for the manufacture of a dietary supplement Invita C Plus contains 70% natural vitamin C.

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