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The Virginia Tech Hokies have faced hardships, but have still kept a solid athletic program.
Savage, a pro-style quarterback who was only cleared to play this week after sustaining a concussion against Virginia, has been sacked 15 times in his last two games.
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The Hokies came in leading the country with 13 interceptions, sharing the national lead with 19 sacks and ranked fourth overall, allowing just 264 yards per game.The Hokies were sharp at the outset, driving 71 yards in eight plays the first time they had the ball.

They have gotten only one national cahmpionship and that came in Bass Fishing, The Hokies have had good success in football over the years as well. They didn't get to third down a third-and-9, when Thomas hit freshman tight end Kalvin Cline for a 27-yard touchdown. Nicolas finished with three sacks, Derrick Hopkins had two and four other players had at least a share of one. The Virginia Tech Hokies have emerged out of tragedy and showed that they are a hard team to beat in the ACC.

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