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It’s a busy time of year… The days are getting shorter, the mornings are darker and the justification for not keeping on top of that fitness routine seems so much easier!
Whether you want to continue training hard with an existing fitness plan or you chose to embark on a fresh challenge in the New Year, it is so important to have a vision! One of the reasons why people give up on a goal, maybe after only a couple of weeks, is the honeymoon period of enthusiasm tapers off. Losing 12lbs of fat in 3 months is a great goal, but 3 months is a long time for me to go without feeling like I’ve accomplished something.
But if I break that goal down to perhaps 1lb a week, for 12 weeks, it seems a lot more achievable. When vision and motivation are combined there is no doubt you have a great chance of achieving your goal. In this program we concentrate on building lean defined muscle rather than bulk or volume, this will result in an athletic build. Larger muscle groups are trained first as they require more effort and therefore more energy.
Basic exercises are used so that form can be concentrated on, as well as allowing for higher weights to be used.
The theory of training to a maximum weight on one set of a major muscle group is also used. Cardio Session 1 – Choose a few of the modes listed above and spend 5min on each, with a focus on high intensity. Legs – Consist of the Quads at the front of the thigh, the Hamstrings which make up the back of the thigh, the Hip flexors which include the abductors on the outside of the leg and the adductors on the inside of the leg. Lower Back – The erector spinae, which extends the back, aids in good posture and is part of the core group of muscles.
Chest – The muscles of the chest are known as the Pecs, they are the large fan shaped muscles that covers the front of the upper chest. Shoulders – They consist of the Trapezius, which run from the back of the neck to the shoulder and the deltoids, the cap of the shoulder. Biceps – Muscles includes the Latisimus Dorsi or the Lats, which are the large muscles of the mid back, they give the back a nice V shape, making the waist appear smaller. Hi Shaun, there are a few methods we would recommend, first of all, make sure your technique is perfect, as like you said, you will balance out over time. Looks like a good plan, however in between sets would you increase the weight if so by how much? Hi Ranjit, we’d recommend sticking to the 80% limit with this routine and see how you get on.

Muscle fuel Anabolic is a scientifically engineered muscle building MRP supplement, formulated for athletes that are serious about building muscle mass. Triple Carb Time Release Formula (long chain glucose polymers, medium chain glucose polymers, dextrose monohydrate).
IMPORTANT: Persons under 80kg's - Have 2 servings per day for the first 5 days and only 1 serving per day there-after.
Persons over 80kg's - Have 2-3 servings per day for the first 5 days and 1-2 servings per day there-after. Do not combine Muscle Fuel Anabolic with any other creatine product and do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
All bodybuilding supplements should be used in conjunction with a health diet and fitness regime. You can write it down, or have it in the back of your mind, but it should be something which motivates you. The fuel that drove the initial up beat feeling is feeding off fumes and the motivation becomes harder by the day.
Not to mention the goal on its own is quite daunting, which will likely demotivate me further and inevitably question my vision. If you are putting effort in then the pitfalls you experience are actually good, it shows you’re working outside the comfort zone and really challenging yourself.
Training in this manner occasionally ensures that the person exercising innervates more muscle fibers than are usually used, ensuring maximum effort. Choose one of the modes listed above and perform the work in the following way: spend 2min working very hard, followed by 1min of easy recovery, then repeat the sequence for a total of 20-30min.
It also includes the Rhomboids which are situated in the middle of the upper back, between the shoulder blades.
I was told that to build lean muscle you can use lighter weights with higher reps and sets. However I am 36, lean but slightly underweight (1,77 m; 81 kg) due to a 6 month out of training period. USN STS Protein [whey protein concentrate and isolate blend, ultra purified (water filtrated) high isoflavone soy protein isolate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, egg albumin, milk protein isolate], creatine monohydrate, di-creatine malate, L-glycine, cocoa powder, stabilizer, taurine, flavourants, sodium chloride, calcium phosphate, sweetener blend ( sucralose, acesulfame-K ), MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides), German Tribulus Terrestris (40% protodioscin), avena sativa, Lactazyme blend, L-glutamine, Glutamine peptides, Glutamine AKG, HMB, Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine, Leucine KIC, Beta-Alanine, Calcium AKG, Colostrum, Rhodiola rosea extract (standardized for 5% rosavins), Alpha lipoic acid, EPA (Eicosapentanoic acid) powder, vitamin & mineral blend, chromium polynicotinate.
Then of course we have the New Years resolution card to play whenever we don’t feel like taking on a Christmas time workout. It gives your journey a purpose and it is a fixed point for you to focus on, especially on the days when you don’t feel like working out!
Whatever your vision is, make it tangible, so you have something to measure your progress by.

That self belief and confidence may even make me want to readjust my goal, and perhaps aim for a total loss of 18lbs in 3 months.
Everyone, from elite athletes to beginners, have days when they don’t feel like training. Keep track of your progress and don’t be afraid to adjust and modify your program accordingly.
Some music may actually assist your performance and increase the productivity of your workout.
Being able to relate to similar situations and support each other can be a big comfort and boost. Ensure you recover well enough on the easy parts to be able to work hard for the 2min bursts. That means, in a continuous effort, try to get the most distance, calories, or average power over the whole workout.
Im right handed and use the right side of my body more than my left, and have noticed obviously my right side is better built than my left how do i get it so they both at the same level of muscle mass, or will this even itself out over time? Aimed at those with a fast metabolism and struggle to put on size and muscle, the USN Hyperbolic Mass provides a hardcore shake packed full of nutrients to support your challenge. The weights used will be about 80% of the maximum and due to this more rest will be given for recovery between sets. This is an excellent way to break through training plateaus, where the body seems to have temporarily stopped improving. Product description used on this website belong to the manufacturers and we take no responsability for their accuracy. So much of getting physical results comes through being mentally strong and disciplined, so if it motivates you and keeps you on track, then that is a strong weapon to be able to call upon. Remember nothing really great will happen in the comfort zone, so I’d always advise to set your goal high. Many often set a goal, but they miss a trick by not breaking that goal down into bite size chunks.

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