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Gaining muscles do not have to be difficult, in fact, if you want to learn how to gain muscle fast, all you really need to take care of is your own discipline.
Like most of the other skinny hardgainers, you may also want to gain weight, but you want this weight to be muscle mass and not fat.
If you’re a skinny guy looking to gain muscle mass fast then there are a few things you must do to supercharge your muscle building powers. The Lean Muscle Diet by Lou Schuler and Alan Aragon Rodale Dieting may do more harm than good. As the lights go down over the spectators, a dozen women strut on to the stage, bronzed and clad in bright bikinis.
Javon Walker, who last played in the NFL for the Raiders in 2009, has entered into the bodybuilding world. While the internet is full of advice for those who want to lose weight, in comparison, there are very less articles and advice pieces for those who wish to gain weight.
Also, remember that while you might be feeling frustrated that you can not seem to gain weight as easily as the others seem to do, keep in mind that you are able to enjoy healthy and tasty foods that they would want to have as well.
One of the most basic things to do while trying to gain weight and mass is, as obvious, to load up on healthy fats! A very important thing to keep in mind if you are trying to gain mass is that you should always, always load up on protein. First of all, do not ever go and buy any dietary supplement without the advice of a doctor or dietician since it could result in counter productive results. This is also a point which is recommended to those trying to lose weight, but this is another rule which goes both ways.
This is a rule which is pretty easy to follow, primarily because what is recommended is so tasty! This deserves a mention in the list because even though body composition is mostly diet, exercise can affect it as well.
This deserves a number one spot on this list since oil is not only an easy way of adding calories to your meal, it also makes your meal way tastier if you use it right. All kinds of facts on diverse topics are condensed into interesting top 10 lists by our curious, intelligent and well informed authors.

Here are my 7 top tips to pack on rock hard muscle mass and build a great body, without becoming a gym rat. While you can lose up to 10 per cent of your body weight by following a diet, the ritual itself is heavily implicated in future weight gain, according to fitness journalist Lou Schuler. The Pussycat Dolls’ Don’t Cha blasts from the speakers and the competitors lineup for the judges, each posing with manicured hand on hip. The former Broncos and Packers receiver has been competing in contests for the National Physique Committee (NPC), an amateur bodybuilding organization. Yes, it is true – for some, no matter what they do or eat or how much they stuff themselves with junk food, they never seem to put on weight in spite of wanting it. They are healthy and they pack on calories – the best thing ever if you are trying to lose weight!
You should have, at the very least, one gram of protein per kilogram to one gram of protein per pound. Well, it fulfils a lot of important functions for our body and is really healthy as well.  It often has added nutrients and a lot of sugar, which amounts to a lot of calories.
I mean, it is full of protein and healthy fats and has the potential to be a great lunch or dinner if teamed up with the right kind of accompanying ingredients which are calorie dense and can also help you in gaining the mass and weight you so want.
If you think you need special supplements for weight gain, it is recommended that you go to a doctor first and seek professional advice on the matter. Try to get as much sleep as you can or as much as is needed and generally, try to be well rested as this will help your muscles in building as well as relax you. Simply remember to use healthy oils like olive oil and canola oil and always keep in mind that the virgin, unrefined kind is way better in terms of health. From movies to music, from food to clothes, from gadgets to natural beauty, you will find a huge variety of heterogeneous information in the form of captivating lists here.
Let’s be honest here and tell you the goals of gaining muscle weight and gaining no fat at all is not practicable.
Body composition is mostly based on the kind of diet you maintain so the rule for bulking up is the same as the one for losing weight in a general sense, which is – watch your diet.
So, this article will point out the top ten ways you could include some extra and healthy calories in your diet and start putting some weight on.

It is an important component of muscle and an essential building block for it, so keep in mind that you are never deficient of this wonder food group!
Tuna sandwiches or tuna casseroles are a great place to start, and combining it with carbohydrates is even better, for example, along with a dish of tuna, you can have a side of mashed potatoes with butter and various herbs to impart flavour. Load up on them, since not only are they rich in nutrients and healthy fats, they are also very rich in calories, and you can easily load up on a lot of calories before feeling full and you can have fun doing it as well! But, fortunately, we are not joking and yes, you can load up on these energy bars filled with the wholesome goodness of oats and raisins and various other nuts, covered with a tasty coating!
Remember, your body is starving for it, so give it the nutrition you need and it may just surprise you by gaining more mass and weight than you ever thought you could! Most dietary supplements are enriched with carbohydrates, so as to aid in gaining of muscle mass and weight. To get the best benefits from this, drink the required amount of water per day, and see the results!
You will be amazed at how soon your muscles start bulking up with the right combination of diet and exercise. However, do not have too much of fruit juice, as just like any good thing, loading up on too much of fruit juice can actually prove to be counter productive for your overall health, also keeping in mi9nd that it has lots of sugar.
However, please remember to take no more than the amount of supplements and vitamins recommended, since this could result in conditions like vomiting and diarrhoea and other awful conditions, especially hypervitaminosis.
If required, do not be afraid to ask questions – either to your personal trainer or simply a general internet forum. So, if you have diabetes or you are prone to diabetes, it is best you drink fruit juices in moderation. And always remember to have a person near you while lifting extremely heavy weights or you could hurt yourself!
Liquid oils like coconut oil can also be added to normal, routine stuff like your daily green tea!

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