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Using apps like FitJourney (Read About The App Here) have been really useful for helping my bad weight checking habit. The biggest reason to not check the scale is because you only have one life and I know I don’t want to waste that life obsessing over a number. I always knew drinking water was important part of losing weight but I never really understood how important it was until I went through the United States Air Force bootcamp. You drink a ton of water in bootcamp and bootcamp has lots of rules in place to make sure you drink enough. The past year I have been horrible to my body and drank a lot of coffee & soda instead of water. When I was searching for a water bottle– I had a close friend recommend glass water bottles to me. I own a lot of different kinds of workout DVDs but I have used Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred the most! Note: You will only be able to get the PDF if you use the above subscribe form in this post.
I have used almost every free weight loss & fitness app for my iPhone and I can honestly say that most of them are worthless and a waste of time. Whether you're looking to burn fat or build mass, protein supplementation can help you reap faster results. AFTER COLLEGE GRADUATION, I ENTERED CORPORATE AMERICA AND QUICKLY REALIZED WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I SAT FOR EIGHT HOURS PER DAY AND CONSUMED WITHOUT THOUGHT.
I know I fall into this bad cycle of constantly checking my weight– a lb becomes a huge issue to me and it can easily make or break my day.
It allows me to take daily photos of my body and it displays them across a calendar so I can really visual see the improvements that are happening. I took some before pictures and will post them with my next update on my progress with my fitness & diet. For example you were not allowed to eat any meal till you have drink at least three cups of water.
I know if I want to achieve my goal of a normal BMI– it would require drinking more water and stop drinking soda all together.
This is because this is the perfect DVD if you are just starting to get fit again after not working out for some time or if you are trying to get fit for the first time.

This is one of the most affordable workout DVDs on the market and what I consider has the most value for the price. I personally own this book and it has a lot of great information (super detailed if you want to follow the meal plan) but overall I think this item is more of a nice to have versus necessary for the program. You may be wondering why I only listed four apps and it is simply because these are the best apps! We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group.
This is why I have to tell myself to ignore the scale and remind myself these five reasons to not check my weight and only abstain to bimonthly checks. You can’t expect instant results and constantly checking the scale will only make you more anxious. Maybe you are starting a new workout routine or diet– or maybe you have no plans at all but you are thinking of changing your routine. I will probably have bi-monthly updates so sometime in the next two weeks I will update you guys with how Crossfit is working out and how my diet is going. So to encourage myself to drink more water I did these two things: Bought a water bottle and download Waterlogged to track my water intake. I thought I might as well try it because I like leaving my water bottles in the car and if you ever left water in a hot car before you know it can taste metallic or like plastic because of the container. I have owned this book for three years and I have read it a few times but I find myself using the DVD more often in comparison.
I paid for the products with my own money and have used this program as a regular part of my exercise routine for many years. The app allows you to track your progress over time and really gives you a nice visual display of your journey. I really like this app because it allows you to input your own custom settings from how much each tap is worth (I have it set to 20 oz which is how much water my waterbottle can hold) to what your daily intake goal.
I find myself using these apps on a daily basis and while I do use a few others free apps that are not listed here–they are specific to certain workouts (like running or weight lifting) while these apps I think will work for any kind of fitness or weight loss journey. We provide the technology, tools, and products you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Well here are my fitness & diet plans for March and maybe some of my plans can help you plan yours.

However my BMI was still consider overweight and I thought being in a normal healthy range was not possible for my body type. I really dislike the idea that you need to spend a ton of money to get fit — or need to buy workout videos that cost over hundreds of dollars.
I know it has help improve my running times and keep me on track with how fast I want to run. Don’t agree with my list or think I miss some of the best free fitness & weight loss apps?
In all reality it was my diet and water intake holding me back and I did not really understand this until I had a drill sergeant in my face — yelling at me to drink more water. I have to say I am really pleased and I do not think I will ever go back to any other type of water bottle.
I would love to blog on a full time basis in the future but this will only be possible from readers like you.
If you want to join me– I made a FREE printout chart for this program which you can find at the end of this post.
I have used more costly workout dvds before and I have barely used any of them in comparison to 30 Day Shred.
It really is a great system and the circuits are interesting enough to get through the entire 30 days. It is jam-packed with features so it has the highest learning curve but once you get it– it is pretty awesome. I started following some of the rules from bootcamp (like drinking three cups of water before every meal) and before I knew it– I was back to a healthy weight.
Plus– like many twenty-somethings I am pretty broke so I am always on the look out for great deals. This blog is about relearning how to be healthy & active again as I try to reach a normal BMI.

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