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This issue could have perhaps been avoided by waiting a few tracks to descend into those feedback-laced vocal stylings. Their journey from bagging groceries in order to fund their dreams to being booked to play SXSW this year seems to have happened overnight, and the release of the group’s debut LP will only help them on their way.
Two of the singles, “Plasticene” and “Manners”, touch on the work of the Strokes and Weezer, and the intricate drum work pitted against basic chordal elements even recalls Blink 182 at times. As it is, however, this set feels as if the band have recorded the first three tracks and then decided to completely change their vocals, without altering the other tracks at all.

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Their new record, Our Fertile Forever, kicks off in a quintessential millennial rock style—the guitars are distorted, but controlled. Just as we’re beginning to warm to their style, the band make the risky decision to keep their boppy guitar work, but they sub their vocals out for more distorted, angsty ones. Weezer, on the other hand, were able to get away with their overly upbeat guitar work by complementing it with similarly positive vocals.

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