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Sold as a popular nutritional supplement and widely used by athletes of all shapes and sizes, whey protein has been shown to help increase muscle size and strength when used in conjunction with resistance training Whey protein and creatine as nutritional supplements..
Although whey protein may sound like a perfect path to becoming a lean, mean fitness machine, use with a touch of moderation.
While whey protein is used as an additive throughout the food industry, most powders sold to fitness enthusiasts are actually whey protein isolate, a purer form of milk protein with most of the fat, sugar, and lactose removed. 4 DimensionTM Whey Protein is formulated based on the most cutting-edge sport Nutrition science. As a sports nutrition product Whey PhaseTM is manufactured under rigorous and stringent certii¬?cations known worldwide. Whey, the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained (appetizing, right?), contains a plethora of proteins, minerals, and other good stuff to help the body grow. Excessive protein intake can contribute to osteoporosis, kidney problems, and weight gain when unused protein is stored as fat. The powders come in a variety of (sometimes delicious, sometimes cardboard-emulating) flavors, and remember to always read the back label: some brands mix the protein with other (possibly unwanted) compounds to boost its muscle-building effects, and many companies are unfortunately (and perhaps intentionally) misleading about the content of their supplements.
For years, bodybuilders and strength athletes have relied on the superior bioavailability and amino acid profile of whey protein to help them pack on solid muscle and build strength as fast as possible.
No other Whey Protein Matrix even comes close to providing the complete whole performance solution of Whey PhaseTM.

This Multi Protein Matrix allows for a sustained protein absorption by the body, maximizing muscle growth and accelerating muscle recovery. Our production facility is EU (European Union), cGMP, HACCP and NHP certii¬?ed as well as being licensed by the CFIA. Whey protein is extracted from this milk-alicious mix and then processed and normally sold in powder form.
Though such complications are generally pretty rare, it’s helpful to view whey protein as a helpful supplement in the battle to rebuild muscles, not a substitute for balanced nutrition. After countless hours of development, the researchers at 4 DimensionTM Nutrition have engineered a whey protein formula that is vastly superior to conventional whey products. Our anabolic agents ensure this product delivers outstanding performance that can be noticed in days. 4DNTM has taken the time, effort and energy necessary to ensure that every product bearing the 4DNa„? name is produced in accordance with these protocols. Think of it less as a milk byproduct and more as a versatile supplement (that just so happens to be a milk byproduct). For those looking to use this muscle-friendly phenom, there are some delicious ways to incorporate whey protein into a diet. Introducing 4 DimensionTM Whey Phase a€“ scientifically designed to deliver superior muscle building results.

Flavored in conjunction with some of North America's leading flavor houses to achieve the consistency and taste of a milk shake, there is no better tasting protein on the market. The result; Whey PhaseTM is a truly superior product that meets or exceeds the strictest standards in the world. With a powerful 24 gram dose of protein and an exclusive blend of BCAAs, pharmaceutical grade Creatine and free-form L-Glutamine, 4 DimensionTM Whey Phase makes conventional whey formulas a thing of the past.
If you want to take your physique to the next level, trust 4 DimensionTM Whey Phase for proven results. And with a heavy complement of amino acids (including fatigue-fighting branched chain amino acids), whey’s protein boost promotes both healthy immune function and the market for shaker bottles Emerging health properties of whey proteins and their clinical implications. Department of Molecular Medicine & Pathology, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.
Whey protein can also aid in weight loss by signaling the digestive system to reduce feelings of hunger.

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