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Testosterone is the main male hormone that maintains muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, bone mass, sperm production, sex drive, and potency.
High levels of testosterone appear to promote good health in men, for example, lowering the risks of high blood pressure and heart attack.
Testosterone therapy may be given to treat medical conditions, including female (but not male) breast cancer hypogonadism (low gonadal function) in the male, cryptorchism (nondescent of the testis into the scrotum), and menorrhagia (irregular periods). Testosterone is the primary androgenic hormone and is responsible for normal growth and development of male sex organs and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics. Evaluation of potential candidates for testosterone replacement therapy should include a complete medical history and hormonal screening.
Testosterone is a male hormone produced by the testes and responsible for producing and maintaining male sex characteristics. The first aim of this article is to discuss the role of the hypothalamus in the endocrine system.
Recent research has indicated that low testosterone has a direct connection with bodily pains and inflammation.

Testosterone is the all-important hormone that will help you gain muscle and increase your physical strength. You probably don’t realize it but a testosterone shortage can ultimately cost you your life. If you happen to take an interest in bodybuilding, your exercise regime can be greatly enhanced by boosting your testosterone levels. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. High testosterone levels also correlate with risky behavior, however, including increased aggressiveness and smoking, which may cancel out these health benefits. Pre-pubertal hypogonadism is generally characterized by infantile genitalia and lack of virilization, while the development of hypogonadism after puberty frequently results in complaints such as diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, infertility, gynecomastia, impaired masculinization, changes in body composition, reductions in body and facial hair, and osteoporosis. Hypogonadal men also report levels of anger, confusion, depression, and fatigue that are significantly higher than those reported in eugonadal men (high testosterone men). When the serum testosterone level is low and LH is elevated, testosterone replacement therapy is warranted.

Testosterone is the major androgenic hormone made by the testes in response to luteinizing hormones from the pituitary gland. Patients with low serum LH and testosterone levels need an imaging study of their pituitary and may need endocrinologic consultation. Testosterone hormones promote the development of adult male characteristics including deep voice, strong muscle and bone mass, and sperm. High levels of testosterone promote good health in men and lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack.

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