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I use 5000mcg biotin daily for about 8 months now, it helped me nothing, left with another weeks supply I dont see myself using it again.
For the last year I have been injecting 1cc of 200mg cypionate into my glutes every eight days using a one-inch spike. My guess is that this is not normal and my doctor suggested that I could be pumping more testosterone out because I wrestle so much in jiu jitsu. Add to all that my libido is as low as before starting TRT, so I must use vitamin V for sex.
To be honest, my doctor is senile and shouldn't be practicing because he has no idea what is going on due to what I suspect is dementia. So is it better to pin less testosterone every four days or stick with .5 every five days? I'm turning 29 this month and for endless years now I've had problems of really low energy and exhaustion and recently my sex drive has been lower than it ever was. Because of the 'reference ranges' my doctor was unwilling to do anything further and maintains that 283 is totally fine for a 29 year old male who works out 4 times a week and is otherwise in perfect health. From all my research it really does seem low for my age, I struggled to find out how realistic the reference range for free testosterone is.

Your original results were very similar to mine (I'm 30), and my endo agreed that it was pretty low for my age group. As Frawnz mentioned, you can check for another endo referral or go rogue and find a clinic that will treat the patient's symptoms.
I emailed her about the SHBG because I don't even remember us ordering that test, so I'm kinda confused. I don't have any other endos in network so I would have to keep trying to persuade her to try something. Along with that I take .5 Arimidex every four days to keep me in the twenties range and 50 mg of DHEA daily. I am sixty three years old but still roll five seven-minute rounds, four days a week which at any age is considered vigorous exercise. Last week my total testosterone jumped to 1195 and free testosterone 33.3 which because this also raised my cortisol to 28, alarmed my doctor. I just started with him because under ObamaCare, the way he writes things up my office visits are $15 and testosterone is $3 for 10cc vial. I don't know what those are but I did throttle back from injecting .5cc every four days to every five days.

Because the half-life of the hormone isn't that long, even at an increased dose by the time you get to 2wks there isn't much testosterone left in your body.
I'm actually surprised your score wasn't in the 200's with the amount of LH you're producing, but everyone is different. Then a month ago, to contend with low libido, I starting using 500 units of HCG every four days. I have higher, steadier levels without the need for an AI because there's isn't a big spike in test.
It's hard to time the AI dosing with the test because the adex has a much shorter half-life. Using an AI can not only bounce your e2 all over the place but it can do the same to your test levels.

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