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Prior to your taking your first hormone shot, spend time reviewing your treatment protocol and detailed instructions for self-administration of your GH medication.
If you have been prescribed other hormone drugs like Testosterone, Sermorelin or HCG, then carefully follow the dosing information provided by your doctor.
It is very common to have multiple medicines you need to inject and the timing and dosage are extremely important to the success of your hormone optimization program. The bio-availability of a prescription drug like HGH is affected by its route of administration. Many patients will be taking a number of hormone drugs and the dose and scheduling should be strictly followed.
Always inform your doctor before taking any additional supplements including HGH pills, testosterone boosters, herbal anti-aging supplements or prescription medications. Testosterone injections are an IM or intramuscular shot though some may also inject some forms Sub-Q Purchase Testosterone Injections.
If somatropin HGH is prescribed to you by your doctor, strictly follow the dosage instructions.
If you are self-administering your shots, the typical dosages will depend on your body weight and the target hormone blood level range you wish to achieve.
2 IU of somatropin per day is commonly used for bio-identical hormone replacement and anti aging purposes. Many patients to take it in the morning or at night before sleep because the body releases its own natural growth hormone during sleep.
Injecting before bedtime may diminish the body's own natural secretion but your doctor's prescribed dose is designed be sufficient to provide optimal levels for your body.

4 IU of GH or more per day are used by bodybuilders and athletes looking to build up muscle mass quickly and burn off body fat. Sports medicine doctors treating severe sport injuries may inject 8 to 20 IU of HGH per day to speed up healing and recovery of joint and deep tissue injuries in athletes.
Some Integrative and regenerative medicine physicians also prescribe large doses of HGH for treatment with stem cell injections which may also be used for treating joint and sports injuries. While using larger than normal doses of GH are not always considered abusive, using extremely high doses of growth hormone for weight loss purposes or enhancing athletic performance may constitute abuse. This web page discusses how to inject the various types of hormones prescribed by a medical doctor for use in a hormone optimization program. Always follow the protocol provided by your doctor for your specific hormone replacement program. You can inject it subcutaneously any time of the day or a full or empty stomach - it does not matter. It not intended to be relied upon for medical advice or as a replacement for your own doctor's medical guidance or medical advice. Ensure you have all necessary injection supplies and that all packaging and wrappings are intact, and there are no signs of tampering. If you are drawing up 2 ml's of solution you would pull plunger to the "2" on the syringe).Insert the needle straight through the rubber stopper into the vial.
Diagram 1 shows technique on holding vial.While holding the vial upside down and maintaining drawing needle inside the vial, gently tap the side of the syringe until air bubbles rise to the top of the barrel of the syringe. Federal Regulations require needles and sharps objects to be disposed of in a proper bio-medical waste container.

If you accidentally touch the tip or accidentally contaminate it in any way you must discard and start all over. This eliminates the possibility of infection.For Testosterone or Intramuscular (IM) injections - Remove fresh administration needle from packaging and inspect for any defects. Do not use any area in which the skin is discolored, depressed, scabbed, or is broken open.
If you are in doubt call your representative.Remove the needle cap from the needle and gently pinch the skin together around the site (to lift it up a bit) See Diagram 2 .
The best areas for injection are away from joints, nerves, bones, and other important body. The preferred areas for Intramuscular (IM) injections, such as Testosterone, are the gluteus maximus (buttocks) and the quadriceps muscles. The preferred area for Subcutaneous (SUBQ) injections, such as Growth Hormone and HCG is around the navel, stomach area.With a swift motion stick the needle into the skin at a 90?
Immediately pull needle and syringe out and gently massage area with gauze or clean tissue.Inject the Testosterone or HGH medication by using a slow steady push on the plunger until the syringe is completely empty. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treatment of a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider or your hormone treatment specialist.

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