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In fights between rivalling male quails, the presence of an audience directly influences the future success of the animals involved in the fight.
Furthermore, both winners and losers are able to maintain their social status within their group. Battles for territory and mating partners are widespread in the animal world and are usually fought by males. While the fights can get quite heavy and "hands-on", the combatants very rarely suffer any injuries. With support of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Society, scientists working with Katharina Hirschenhauser from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen have been studying the influence of mixed-sex audiences on future social status after a fight.
However, the scientists went a step further: They injected the winners with a testosterone blocker directly after the fight and observed their behaviour in the social group. In many animals, males advertise to potential mates with showy traits, many of which are linked to testosterone levels.
Aggression, testosterone and nepotism dona€™t necessarily help one climb the social ladder, but the support of a good female can, according to new research on the social habits of an unusual African species of fish. A study of chimpanzees has revealed that dominant animals with higher testosterone levels tend to suffer from an increased burden of parasites. A pair of studies led by Indiana University researchers provide new evidence that when it comes to evolution, the testes may play a key role.
By tweaking just one or two genes, Cornell University researchers have altered the patterns on a butterfly's wings. I would go one step farther and say that this is the reason a bully will pick a fight with someone they have a high expectation of beating in front of a crowd.

Yeah, this is exactly what I was thinking but I didn't want to restrict my parameters to bullies.
Let's see if I have this correct: When we're watching pugilistic sporting events, it's best for the losers not to be seen by an audience? With an audience, on the other hand, this remained true for winners, but was not the case for losers: those who had lost had neither raised testosterone levels nor were they able to maintain their dominant status within the group. They kept quails in social groups each consisting of two males (one dominant and one subordinate) and three females.
The losers, on the other hand, were often "beaten up" by the previously subordinate male after returning to their social group and on a long-term lost their dominant status ("the loser effect").
Although, through the blocker, the testosterone had no effect on these birds temporarily, the winners were still able to maintain their social status.
This elaborate plumage is often used to signal body condition, to intimidate rivals or to attract potential mates. Sometimes in physical environments (prison, sports teams, military) someone might choose to make a power play and call someone out without it strictly being bullying. Thus, informed audiences determine the future social status of a male, while testosterone plays a secondary role.
Where there was no audience present, however, even the losers were able to maintain their dominant status. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen have examined whether the presence of an audience influences the behaviour and the testosterone changes of Japanese quails (Coturnix japonica) after a fight. However, the social environment in which the rivals fight their battle can change the context and affect the role of testosterone for maintaining dominance.

The winners, on the other hand, showed a similar increase to quails that had fought without an audience.
The "winner effect", in contrast, is independent of testosterone and audiences," says Katharina Hirschenhauser, lead author of the study. The evidence shows that both winners and losers exhibit raised testosterone levels after a conflict without an audience. Experience plays a role, for instance, how often the opponents got involved in a conflict and whether they have met before.
During the fighting phase, which lasted an average of seven minutes, the eventual winners attacked their rivals 29 times on average.
In order to determine whether a change in status after losing a fight in front of an audience could be physiologically prevented, the scientists treated the losers immediately after the fight with a testosterone cream on the skin.
Next, the scientists would like to test the direction of information use, in other words how the combatants behave if they do not see the audiences, but the observers are fully informed about the fight's outcome. Although the fights are naturally pretty rough, none of the combatants got seriously injured. This treatment seriously influenced the birds' aggressive behaviour: the losers were chasing the subordinate male in the group to a greater extent, which enabled them to remain dominant. This seems to indicate that testosterone is a mediator of the "winner effect" a€“ or at the loser's side, its lack has an influence on future success.

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