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Remarques et difficultes relatives a la terminologie (1) Quel terme choisir pour la fiche longue? Specifically, excess estrogens (from increased conversion of androgens by aromatase enzyme from increased number of fat cells) may have negative effects on sperm production. Additionally, estradiol affects the brain production of “fuels” (called luteinizing hormone, LH, and follicle stimulating hormone, FSH) which normally increase testosterone production from the testes.
Additionally, the increased inflammatory state and increased risk of diabetes may also affect the hormonal profiles and male infertility of obese men. Finally, leptin (produced by fat cells affects appetite and energy, and may be related to genetic abnormalities in obese men) also affects the part of the brain (pituitary) which affects testosterone production. Decreased physical activity and increased upper abdominal and upper thigh fat can lead to hotter testicular temperature which can further harm sperm production and male infertility. Environmental toxins (such as organochlorines which are found in insecticides) can preferentially accumulate in fat cells and have been shown to correlate with decreased sperm production and motility.

Increased inflammation caused by fat cells, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol can lead to an increase in agents (called reactive oxygen species-ROS) that damage sperm and decrease sperm counts. Finally sleep apnea, a disorder with interrupted breathing during sleep, which occurs commonly with obesity, leads to interruption of hormonal fuel patterns from the brain which may also affect male infertility. If you'd like to receive regular tips like these from Snow School, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter simply by clicking the links below. And if you'd just like to receive our monthly Snowballs promotions in your inbox - and save real money - then you'll probably want to sign up for our private newsletter. The increased estradiol level inhibits FSH and LH secretion from the pituitary, which results in reduced FSH and LH stimulation of the Sertoli and Leydig cells in the testes and a reduction in testosterone synthesis and sperm production. Track and field athletes Weightlifters Bodybuilders Shot putters Professional wrestlers White and blue collar workers, females, adolescents To have a competitive advantage To improve their body image How anabolic steroids are taken? Different versions of the aromatase gene in men may account for different effects on estradiol and sperm count between obese men.

However, in obese men, these “fuels” are decreased and there is less testosterone production both within the testis and in the blood resulting in reduced testicular function.
If fertility is desired administration of testosterone is, however, counterproductive because it provides negative feedback to the pituitary and causes inhibition of LH and FSH secretion. Low testosterone associated with obesity also contributes to a cycle of excess fat accumulation and muscle mass reduction.

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