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What some of you may not know is not only do I guide adult athlete clients, but many of my clients are 17 years old and younger.
As I continue to recover from last month’s stem cell transplant, I marvel at the size and skill of the transplant team at the University of Iowa. Before I arrived, social worker Tammy Temple helped me find housing at half the cost of a normal room. Those of you that have undergone one or more stem cell transplants understand what a big deal it is; so many working so hard to help keep us safe. In today’s generation, we are looking for shortcuts to have success in school, testing and athletic performance. I am not a personal trainer, but through feedback from many young athletes, having a professional trainer that specializes in sports training, has dramatically improved their performance in their sport.
If working with a registered dietitian, nutritionist or personal trainer, always, always ask for credentials and references. Prior to my first transplant in 2011, I was told to stop taking anything I was using prior to the transplant.

No matter how smoothly things went, my taste buds crashed and nothing looked or tasted good.
If they need to decrease weight, are they on a balanced nutrition program where there is a gradual drop in calories? He or she may significantly benefit from individualized sessions and one-on-one training to further improve performance and reach goals.
Being more selective this time, I was able to continue taking much of what I was on prior to the transplant, including AndroGel, my testosterone supplement.
Fortunately, Dietitian Susan Little helped keep me on track so I could maintain my strength.
We met again as I was discharged to go over the new meds I’d be taking, and to cover which supplements I could start using again. The high calorie yogurt parfaits she suggested ordering were one of the few things I could keep down.
Like many of us, they are looking for that competitive edge, the extra push from a supplement that will make them shine in the weight room or out in the field.

Pressure from team members, coaches, and at times, even parents lead to Google searches for strength gains.
Most supplement companies have great marketing schemes, making us believe that their products are miracle products.
Just like medication, some do well with certain products while others don’t have any results.
My concern is that children under the age of 17 are sold these products without evaluating their nutrition program and overall health.
I am not an expert on supplementation, but I will tell you that most labels have a warning that these products should not be taken by anyone under 18 years of age.

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