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This process consists of you taking the protein, it digesting in your stomach and intestines for at least 1-2 hours and dissociating into BCAAs and singular amino acids, which then must absorb into your blood stream, get delivered, and then be utilized. Based on this, it is intelligent to deduce that taking protein before working out is advantageous, since delivery will occur sooner than post workout supplementation alone. Follow these suggestions when taking protein and amino acids before workout or with your pre workout supplement. Taking protein during the pre-workout window is the most affordable way to get some muscle building nutrition in early. This method greatly reduces your risk of stimulating blood-robbing mechanical digestion but you will still be delivering more nutrients sooner to your muscles. Whether you decide to take protein or amino acids pre workout, intra workout, or not at all; it’s still very important that you have a strong post workout recovery game.
Below you can see what this page used to look like, we’ve come a long way and hope your questions have been answered. Taking protein pre workout with the proper timing is advantageous for bodybuilding and muscle growth. Welcome to Best Workout Supplements BlogThroughout this site you will find countless direct supplement reviews, supplement rankings, bodybuilding, and diet related articles.
Workout Supplement ReviewsWe write truthfully, but request that you follow your own due-diligence when making supplement decisions based upon your current status. I thought I would touch quickly on pre workout supplements as they seem to be everywhere at the moment.
A pre workout is usually in pill or powder form and is taken obviously before a workout; it’s purpose – to make you work harder, jump higher , burpee faster and bear crawl for longer. Pre workouts do this by combining a mix of ingredients which some are proven to work and others not so much. Caffeine – This is the main stimulant in most pre workouts and is proven in many trials to actually do something. Creatine – This is produced by our body naturally as well as being found in the highest levels in animal products. Beta- alanine – This ingredient is very similar to creatine in the fact that it is shown to delay muscle fatigue. Protein – Usually in the form of BCAA’s help to start the rebuilding process; however these are not found in all pre-workouts.

If you are trying to be as healthy as possible and want to build some muscles, I would recommend to use BCAA as a pre-workout drink. Supplementing with branch chain amino acids during and after a workout can work in some populations; but taking them before would only work if you were depleted in these to start off with.
Granted, it may also be a case of you being hungry before working out – but let’s pretend it’s to build more muscle or burn more fat (these are synonymous).
But if you can afford it, switching over to straight amino acids offers a lighter method that delivers greater results.
Alternatively, instead of taking amino acids directly pre workout, you can take them intra workout (while you exercise). However, if you are taking protein right before your workout then you are making a mistake. In order to avoid mechanical digestion during your workout, it is critical that you take your protein at precise times. That’s because, the instant you are done tearing apart your body lifting weights, the amino acids will be present to fill the gaps. We encourage you to dive in and use the search feature above or featured articles below to get started. The main thing to remember is that our supplement industry is not monitored – no one tests supplements to make sure that what is on the packet is actually in them; for this reason if you are an athlete with drug tests I would be very cautious to what you are taking. It can lower your perceived pain level and increases the oxidation of fat (burn more fat ) if taken before a workout. Creatine monohydrate as a supplement by itself can delay fatigue, produce energy and cause your body to hold on to more water making your muscles look bigger – this is also found to work in many cases; but only at certain dose levels. NO cause’s vasodilatation and increases blood flow to the muscles (to increase the ‘pump’) but also in blood is oxygen and other nutrients; this coupled with increase blow flow away from the muscle (to take away lactic acid) may delay the onset of fatigue. I think if you are going to think about taking such a supplement you need to ask yourself what your ideal goal is. It reduces muscle catabolism and it’s proven that using BCAA before and after workout will significantly improve your results. You’ve already read about workout supplement timing, but you still wonder if it’s alright to take protein with your pre workout to get some additional gains. Let’s talk about it, because the answer to this question is not absolute and requires a little bit of awareness.

The process of going from protein in your shaker cup to built muscle in your physique takes time. For example, instead of taking 20 grams of whey protein which allots to roughly 30 grams of ‘stuff’ going into you; an amino acid supplement would total less than 10 grams rough. This is the entire purpose of intra workout supplements which you can find more information about on this site. The alternative to this picture, is cannibalization of amino acids in lesser priority muscles, to the damaged muscles. In addition to your pre workout serving of roughly 20 grams, you should take another 30-50 grams immediately following your workout accompanied by a well-rounded meal. Recently some pre workouts have been taken off the market because they were tested and amphetamine’s were found (this can be used to make certain illegal drugs – like ‘speed’). The amount in pre workout is not high enough to cause an increase in muscle size but may be enough to delay fatigue by replenishing ATP (energy) faster than if it was not there. An effective L-arginine dose to impact NO is at least 3g, and most positive results are seen in those that already have impaired blood flow to start off with. More importantly, you can get an amino acid supplement that’s loaded with leucine – the most anabolic amino acid.
What I do is immediately take down 25-45 grams of whey protein post workout, and then eat a full meal about an hour later. That gives enough time for your body to begin distributing whey isolates, and regaining a proper blood distribution. However continuous artificial adrenal stimulation can lead to adrenal fatigue in the long run (just like too much coffee).
If you are looking to get the most out of your workouts then try it, the extra energy, delayed fatigue and lower perceived pain may be just what you need – at the end of the day what you put into your body is up to you. That means, if you eat a big meal and then go hit the gym – your muscles are receiving 25% less oxygen and nutrients than at peak performance. Your pre workout may make up for some of this loss with stimulants, however, it wont be what it should be.

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