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admin | Natural Testosterone Replacement | 13.09.2014
Anything out of the ordinary, like a trip through the woods or down a street you’d never been was an Adventure… Just like staying out late after dark or having sleep-overs! Yep, I also admit to watching the latest Disney and Pixar flicks and use them as an excuse. It has been updated to modern times, to include camcorders and mobile phones – but these kids are ready to hit the dirt road on their bikes and ride into the night to see how far they can go, rather than hide inside.
Remind yourself how great life used to be and can be again; if you just treat it, once more, like a kid on the ADVENTURE of a lifetime – your lifetime! I wanted to keep it short although my soul keeps pushing me to share how I feel… so I will ramble on here. I have been having challenging times recently, since 2010 when I had some issues with the Banks – to which they lied and took their game to a whole new mobster level.
Fortunately I am still here, even though it would be easier to move into the spirit world, there is much work to still be done. Many people I know and care about did not make it to the end of the year, so we are the lucky ones.
I’m currently on rehab and taking time out to get my energy back and accept I can’t change the world overnight, by myself! My main advice during the dark moments of life is to keep a sense of humor, laugh, see the funny side to everything and always, ALWAYS look on the bright side of life. I have been watching, experiencing, reporting and sharing the truth about how Authority (such as Bankers, Government, Councils, Police Corp and Companies) lie by using lawyers to write professional statements, instead of being honest themselves and telling the truth. Yes, you read that right, they use lawyers to draft statements to confuse people and tell only their side of the story, then feed it into the mass media for people to be spoon fed, like propaganda. They choose the part of the whole truth (or manufactured truth) that they want you to believe and act upon. Fortunately more and more people are realizing this and turning to alternative news for more information, to get the bigger picture.
They put truth sharers under house arrest or detain them indefinitely, such as Julian Assange and Bradley Manning – breaking their own rules and laws in the process. Ask those physically around you, someone at your local shop, ask your friends, ask your family, ask on the internet, ask me!
This goes beyond simply asking for money or immediate gratification and will provide you with what the money would buy. Especially when you are helping someone meet their basic needs and overcome a challenge that they are having trouble coping with. Also look for people to help, if you can do it yourself great, otherwise put them in touch with someone who can.
Only by seeing more viewpoints and opinions can you make an informed decision yourself on what you believe the truth to be. You are a sentient being who takes control of what they chose to believe and takes actions that benefit yourself AND mankind.
If sharing facts and reports is considered scaremongering – then it means some people have things to fear about knowing more.
Did you know you don’t have to do business with anyone or answer any questions if you don’t want to?

Did you know you have a right to ask questions and get information from those in charge so you can make an informed decision and choice?
Other people are empowered when they read about these things, knowing they are not alone and there are steps they can take to avoid the same happening to them. Remember it is the people within these companies that cause the problems, through the actions they chose to take and decisions they make. Most importantly I am grateful for your time and energy, which is the most valuable commodity on Earth.
You take the time to read my posts, speak to me in person and let me know that I also matter.
It is this that which keeps me going – and the fact that I know so many amazing people that matter and care about others too. An article in the McKinsey Quarterly by Jacques Bughin, Michael Chui, and James Manyika, Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead, describes ten key digital information trends looming large on management agendas.
The social matrix is much more than social media: it connects many organisations internally, and increasingly externally, to reach audiences, like suppliers and customers.
Many organisations rely on networked problem-solving, using the thinking power of a number of people inside and outside the company for new ideas and solutions. Searching for information, reading and responding to e-mails and collaborating with colleagues can take up about 60 percent of knowledge workers’ time: they could become up to 25 percent more productive through the use of social technologies.
Companies also are becoming more open, ready to communicate across traditional functions and assemble teams with the specific knowledge required for a project.
Social features, meanwhile, can become part of any digital communication or transaction — embedded in products, markets and business systems.
Department-store chain Macy’s has used Facebook Likes to decide on colors for upcoming apparel lines, while Wal-Mart Stores chooses its weekly toy specials through input from user panels powered by social media.
Having worked with Jeremy for several months, I came to respect and rely on his social business and social media knowledge, his integrity and consistent professionalism.
It will be over as quickly as it started but give you a memory that will hopefully stay with you for a very long time. During the run of the exhibition, Marina Abramovic performed The Artist Is Present, a 736-hour and 30-minute static, silent piece, in which she sat immobile in the museum’s atrium while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her. Fortunately I get to borrow (and return) my nephews when I want to remind the kid inside me how simple life used to be.
As kids and young teenagers they were wild rides of the imagination, yet real enough that it could be you.
I have friends who have similar challenges and we are the TOUGH ones, so I appreciate how challenging things can be for everyone else. I want to make sure that the lies, control and dishonesty does not spill over into the lives of all those I hold dear. Since this is an age of change and the lifting of the veil, it is much easier to spot the truth or more importantly see the lies being fed to the masses.
Your story matters and if you share it, it can make a difference to someone Else’s life. When they help you, their worries become lighter for a while and you are providing them a release from their own problems.

The person that can best help them will turn up and provide them what is needed, even if you just put them in touch. You can only offer information and it is important to respect their opinion too – who knows, by listening to them you might even learn something new, which could change your mind and life radically.
Usually this will be challenging as I am not a conformist and like to know fully about a matter, which means both extreme viewpoints. Anyone with a stake in an organisation needs to be aware of how these trends are going to affect how they conduct business. The social matrix also extends beyond the co-creation of products and organisational networks. The pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim, for instance, sponsored a competition on Kaggle (a platform for data-analysis contests) to predict the likelihood that a new drug molecule would cause genetic mutations. IT-services supplier Atos has pledged to become a zero e-mail company by 2014, aiming to boost employee productivity by replacing e-mail with a social networking platform. Kraft Foods, for example, has invested in a more powerful social technology platform that supports microblogging, content tagging and the creation and maintenance of specialised communities.
Business users can like things and may soon be able to register what they want, enabling new means of registering preferences and, as a by-product, inceasing motivation. In broadcasting, RTL Group is using social media to create viewer feedback loops for popular shows such as X Factor: a steady stream of reactions from fans allows RTL to fine-tune episodes. As with the social matrix, the firm now sees data and analytics as part of a new foundation for competitiveness.
Transforming government, healthcare, and education: technology-enabled productivity growth could help reduce the cost burden while improving the quality of services and outcomes, as well as boosting long-term global-growth prospects. Jeremy is a very versatile leader, is great at finding business solutions for any challenge and always looks for the best in the people around him.
Marina and Ulay broke up more than 30 years ago and this is the first time that they have seen each other again since then. Now imagine the opposite, that those protecting their homes live in countries that are being invaded by United Nation soldiers in order to help them. I encourage people to always educate themselves and make their own decisions from ALL the available information, not just what is available on tap to be fed easily.
It is harder for them to bullshit this way (I use that phrase as sometimes their answers smell of manure). Until they choose to see what they are doing to the people, acknowledge it, apologize and change – they are heading for destruction of their systems that they have caused from inside. The winning team, from among nearly 9,000 competitors, combined experience in insurance, physics and neuroscience and its analysis beat existing predictive methods by more than 25 percent.
Benefits include accelerated knowledge-sharing, shorter product-development cycles and faster competitive response times.

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