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The largest difference with the new formula, is the amount of nitrates – from a variety of sources. Coming in at about $30 per container, the price of Assault is pretty decent at just under a $1 per serving. I really like this new formula and use it once in awhile so I don’t build a tolerance to it.
It’s works really well for me not only at the gym, but for sports like soccer and football as well. Anything under $1 per serving is going to get a 9 in this category, and Assault made the mark.
Creatine being the most weighty factor in this category, Assault has 5 grams worth per serving – from 3 different sources.
It comes in a pretty wide variety of flavors, like fruit punch, orange mango, watermelon, and a couple others.

It has about 200mg of caffeine per scoop now, which I’ve been hearing can be a bit much for your first time use so you may want to start of with a half scoop.
Nitrates are suggested to improve vasodilation and blood flow throughout our muscle cells to amplify nutrient transfer to our muscles when they need it the most. The whopping 150mg of caffeine per half scoop will certainly get the heart pumping, and energy levels up. I could feel a noticeable improvement in my stamina at the gym, but even more so during a game of football. This does mean that we are only getting about 1 gram of Creeatine Nitrate per serving, but with the more advanced forms of Creatine coming out these days, the makers of Assault are quick to assure us that this is enough, pre-workout at least. It felt like I could run faster, and for longer periods of time continuously throughout the game. I personally had the watermelon, and the flavor was excellent and surprisingly very watermelony.

They’ve also thrown in about 500mg more Beta alanine per scoop and a handful more vitamins like C, B3, and E. Assault is in the top 3 that I recommend to friends when they ask me for a good pre-workout. It uses a combination of B Vitamins, BCAA’s, Glutamine, Beta Alanine, and Citrulline Malate to accomplish this. Over the course of 1 month of using it, I was able to up my weights on bench press, and leg press too. I did notice a tiny little after burn near the bottom of shaker cup though, probably from the Creatine.

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