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Human growth hormones include human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), luteinizing hormone (LH) and human growth hormone (HGH), insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). HCG is a naturally occurring protein hormone produced by the developing fetus and detected in most home pregnancy kits. HGH is a naturally occurring protein hormone produced by the pituitary gland and is important for normal human growth and development, especially in children and teenagers.
IGF-1, which is also called somatomedin-C, is a naturally occurring protein that helps in the action of HGH. Insulin is a natural protein hormone produced by the pancreas, which is important for metabolism of sugars, starches, fats, and proteins. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The new product, Lipostabil, prepared of phosphatidylcholine (a form of lecithin), has recently been exposed to provoke long-lasting local fat loss when injected into your body fat much in the similar way that liposuction does.
Orange-peel skin is that lump-filled, rippled peel form common to males as well as females of any masses also ages, that one cannot look like to get rid of!
Lipostabil is an injectable product for localized fat deposits or cellulite and is an other to clinical procedures such as liposuction.
Lipostabil is a brand name of a compounded drug that is used into local fat deposits round the body with the intent to dissolve and release them.
In the early 90's bodybuilders started to use human growth hormone (HGH), and soon thereafter insulin and IGFs, to further increase their muscle mass beyond levels that were obtainable by only using androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS).
One can clearly see a trend break in the graph in the first half of the 1990's, when human growth hormone and insulin entered bodybuilding.
Unfortunately there are no reliable body statistics available of true natural bodybuilders, who have built their physique completely without the use of any hormonal drugs.
In conclusion, one can fairly say that the lean BMI or body weight of modern professional top bodybuilders is about 40% higher solely as the result of massive use of very potent hormonal drugs such as androgenic-anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, IGFs, and insulin. Let me finally try to estimate the lean BMI of a male person with optimal genetic potential for bodybuilding under different conditions of training and drug use, assuming that in all cases he has a body fat percentage of about 3% (= lean).

Bactrim an antibacterial combination drug, is prescribed for the treatment of certain urinary tract infections, severe middle ear infections in children, long-lasting or frequently recurring bronchitis in adults that has increased in seriousness, inflammation of the intestine due to a severe bacterial infection, and travelers' diarrhea in adults. LH is important for maintaining normal levels of testosterone in the male and estrogen in the female. This is a element, made from soybean, but it is naturally present in all cell and appears to adjust the solubility of fat in the body.
The method itself is ordinarly named Lipo-dissolve and is accessible by weight loss and cosmetic surgery clinics. To demonstrate the impact of the entrance of human growth hormone and insulin into bodybuilding, I have gathered some statistics (peak performance year, contest body weight, and body length) of as many professional IFBB bodybuilders throughout history as I could find, and calculated their lean body mass index (BMI). Before that period the BMI-values of bodybuilders were scattered around a nearly flat linear trend line with an average value of about 31. That is because the use of androgenic-anabolic steroids became a common practice among top bodybuilders already before the first professional bodybuilding contests were organized in the 60's.
This is more or less consistent with the observation of nowadays natural bodybuilding contests, where the BMI-values of the champions are rather close to 25 than 30. I also advise you to read this article on the maximum muscular bodyweight and size potential that can be achieved without using any anabolic drugs. Bactrim is also prescribed for the treatment of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, and for prevention of this type of pneumonia in people with weakened immune systems. The increase in testosterone levels in males by the use of HCG would stimulate muscle development as with anabolic steroids. Excessive HGH levels increase muscle mass by stimulating protein synthesis, strengthen bones by stimulating bone growth and reduce body fat by stimulating the breakdown of fat cells. In athletes, insulin combined with anabolic steroids or HGH could increase muscle mass by stimulating protein synthesis. The method is proposed to be less disturbing and painful than liposuction, where fat deposits are bodily release of the body through incisions. The lean BMI is the best available parameter to estimate a bodybuilder's overall muscle mass independently from his body length.

In the early 90's the average BMI suddenly increased by over 15% up to an average value of 36, and further increased gradually up to an average value of 38 in the years 2000, an increase by over 20% compared to the pre-HGH era. However, everybody who knows the sport of bodybuilding well enough and has watched some photos and videos on the internet, knows that a similar increase in the BMI of about 20% could be observed, if one would compare true natural bodybuilders with bodybuilders who have used androgenic-anabolic steroids to build their physique.
It is therefore fair to say that today's top heavy weight bodybuilders have more than half of their lean muscle mass thanks to the drugs, rather than hard training and good nutrition.
It also comes with an interesting calculator that helps you estimate your personal maximum potential in terms of bodyweight and body part measurements. HCG is not banned in female athletes because it would not lead to muscle development and might naturally occur in high levels if the athlete is pregnant.
In men, excess LH or artificial LH derivatives (tamoxifen) would increase testosterone levels and have the same effects as anabolic steroids.
Side effects are mainly low blood sugar associated with shaking, nausea and weakness, but excessive hypoglycemia can lead to coma and death.
The data that I have used, and the body mass index values that I have calculated, are presented in the table at the bottom of this page. As the use of HGH, insulin and IGFs are further pushed to the limits by today's professional bodybuilders, we expect to see more and more athletes showing up with a BMI of 40 or even higher in the coming years. No, the steep increase of lean muscle mass among top bodybuilders since the 90's has nothing to do with better genes, better training, better nutrition or supplements.
Although no general side effects exist, any possible side effects might be similar to those of anabolic steroids. I also plotted the BMI-values versus the athletes' peak performance year into the graph below. Unfortunately Ronnie Coleman does not come from another planet, as many of his fans would like to believe.

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