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Muscles are made bigger and stronger with hard training, adequate rest and amino acids from protein. Suggested Use: For healthy adults, consume enough protein to meet your daily protein requirements with a combination of high protein foods and protein supplements throughout the day as a part of a balanced diet and exercise program. How would you like to have the most incredible work-out of your life – each and every time you train?How would like to have the Energy boost of ephedra without all the jitters? When you are working out, what is the worst thing that can happen after you take a few sips of water or any other intraworkout drink?
The Gaspari Nutrition R&D Team is acutely aware of this which is why they developed Osm Technology. This is why Gaspari Nutrition chose highly branched cluster dextrin for what will become the gold standard of recovery and performance drinks, GlycoFuse. To help meet the recovery needs of elite athletes and goal-driven weight lifters, we developed this stack of superior quality proteins with naturally occurring and added BCAAs and L-Glutamine.
How would you like the mental focus and clarity and mood elevation of an amphetamine without using a banned substance?How would you like all of these effects without all the negative side effects to go along no addiction and no down-regulation of receptors ultimately requiring ever-increasing doses? Carbohydrates fuel the body's glycolytic and anaerobic ATP-PC energy systems for true athletic power performance. So, we spent the money and had our entire competitor products tested at a 3rd party laboratory to see where we stood. This high molecular weight carbohydrate has a special helical structure which gives it unique properties unlike many of the corn starches or polysaccharides out there.

They must be replaced to avoid cramping and losses in muscle performance because they are critical components in supporting nerve impulses and muscle contraction. To give you an edge Gaspari Nutrition partnered up with Albion Labs where science and patented technology have been combined to create crucial electrolytes in a form the body can readily assimilate. With some fine tuning using Osm Technology, Glycofuse is confirmed to have an outstanding osmolality compared to just about every product on the market, including the biggest brands out there. Whether they are carb-loading before a competition, rolling on the mat, banging out a WOD, slamming a drink during a race, or refueling after a tough training session they know that in order to get to where they want to be they need the energy to get there. There's a lot of cleverly labeled and modified maltodextrin on the market claiming to be some technical polysaccharide. Look at it this way, the more you sweat, the higher your potential need for increased hydration and electrolytes. GlycoFuse bears this seal and is the first Gold Medallion certified carbohydrate powder on the market!
More nutrients that support massive muscle size and strength gains with less sugar, fat and everything else you make a point of avoiding. For optimal performance there must be a balance between how much you take in and how fast it leaves your stomach (gastric clearance rate) to avoid potential cramping. Because of this, intelligently formulated sports drinks should have a verified osmolarity which is a key indicator of how fast it can clear the stomach, thus potentially avoiding cramps. For an athlete like you who takes performance seriously we know you would expect nothing less from us except for Real Results, Real Fast.

Gaspari researchers utilize proprietary Osm Technology to finely tune Glycofuse in solution to ensure a low osmolality to achieve this balance which means a faster gastric clearance! We have chosen to deliver only pure Highly Branched Cyclin Dextrin to athletes looking for a clinically studied carbohydrate for their high performance power, glycogen loading, and endurance needs with a proven track record.
Do you want sustained energy and balanced glucose levels which won't inhibit fat burning? No others on the globe have access to the powerful ingredients found in BIOTEST SPIKE. A patent has been filed and I'll keep the formulas active complex secret and out of the public view forever. As such were not going to discuss one single iota about the science behind the formula and Im certainly not going to publish what makes the juice turn on full throttle.
Let me stop some of you punks right in your tracks before you assume that the secret science behind BIOTEST SPIKE is simply caffeine or some other pusillanimous everyday substance!

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