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Sports And Nutrition is dedicated to promoting nutrition that enhance lifelong health, fitness, and sports performance. BLOXTM is a powerhouse formula containing Silk Amino Acids (SAAs), a game changer in the muscle-building category of sports nutrition. BPI Sports has made a nice transition recently to becoming one of the best supplement companies out there. BPI Sports’ latest breakthrough is BLOX, a post-workout recovery formula containing Silk Amino Acids (SAAs), which is a new amino acid sequence. I typically lift around dinner time, then consume my post-workout shake and a meal an hour later. I have tried the Watermelon, Peach Tea and Fruit Punch flavors, all of which have a nice taste. The best bodybuilding workouts, supplement reviews and nutrition tips straight to your inbox. Every whole food ingredient in Barlean’s Chocolate Silk Greens is carefully selected, responsibly grown and third party tested to guarantee the absolute highest quality and purity. SAAs (Silk Amino Acids) are a remarkable and innovative Amino Acid Sequence just recently discovered by a bold team of scientists.
Suggested Use: Take one (1) scoop with 8oz of ice cold water before, during, or after your workout.
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BPI Sports is trying to take amino acid supplementation to the next level with their silk amino acids or SAAs.
While this study was only performed on a small rodents, its findings appear promising for use in people trying to build muscle.
Recently discovered by a bold team of scientists, SAAs are a precise, well-calculated, innovative breakthrough for strength, muscle and performance training.
One of my favorite pre-workout supplements is their Pump-HD formula which is a true ass-kicker for your workouts. It definitely promotes energy after a strenous workout and helps your body to bounce back to begin repairing the muscles that we so willingly tear during each workout. I am also engaged in various sports at night as well as the daily ritual of chasing the kids around.
For me, they are a little on the sweet side, which normally means that they are perfect for everyone else. You see, SAAs are a chain of eighteen plus particular amino acids -- but, it’s not so much the eighteen that researchers found to be of greatest import … it’s five -- yes, five -- in a precise sequence and precise ratio that matter! These amino acids, the building blocks for muscle tissues, have been sequenced in a way that ideally causes increased muscle resynthesis, shortens the recovery needed between and during workouts, and boosts your overall testosterone level.
Research into the effectiveness of SAAs in humans is currently very limited; however, a recent study in mice has shown astonishing results.
Hopefully future research will show that it is helpful to the same degree in humans as well. The mixing phase should occur after the workout as well because you’ll want to drink Blox immediately upon mixing.

It would make sense that they also would make a new scientific discovery to revolutionize the post-workout supplements that bodybuilders and athletes crave. Since using BLOX post-workout, I have seen a nice spike in energy that gets me through even more activities after my workouts. I have noticed the spike in energy and recovery since starting BLOX post-workout just before my protein shake. And, when these five SAAs are in this precise sequence and precise ratio … it’s like turning on football stadium lights in pitch black darkness!
Get the consent of a licensed physician before using this product, especially if you are taking medication, have a medical condition, you are pregnant, nursing or thinking about becoming pregnant. The protein’s solubility will allow its passage through your digestive tract and blood stream to be easier since these cells and areas are primarily composed of water.
It may be something worth a try if you’re looking for a competitive edge, but talk with your doctor first. This process creates proteins that are perfectly sequenced in a series of 16 chains of single amino acids; however, BPI sports states 5 specific amino acids, when found in a precise sequence and ratio, elicit an optimal response. Testosterone levels (muscle building hormone)improved by 64 percent while cortisol levels(muscle breaking hormone) were reduced.

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