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About Speaking of DiabetesSpeaking of Diabetes is produced by Joslin Diabetes Center for people with diabetes and those who care for them.. Joslin Diabetes Center, a teaching and research affiliate of Harvard Medical School, is a one-of-a-kind institution on the front lines of the world epidemic of diabetes - leading the battle to conquer diabetes in all forms through cutting-edge research and innovative approaches to clinical care and education.
This entry was posted in Diabetes Day2Day, Medications and tagged metformin, supplements, vitamins. Metformin is the most widely prescribed medication to treat diabetes (usually type 2 diabetes) in the world. Several studies and clinical cases have noted suboptimal blood levels of B12 in those who have taken metformin for extended periods.
But just because these people taking metformin had lower levels of B12 in their bloodstream doesn’t necessarily mean the B12 that’s there isn’t getting the job done.
According to an article published this year in Diabetes Care, “low serum B12 alone without disturbances in the metabolic markers has no diagnostic value.” From a practical standpoint, this means that if a B12 deficiency is suspected from a serum B12 test, further testing should be undertaken before assuming the patient is B12 deficient. B12 is one of the B-family of vitamins that is important for the healthy development of blood cells , DNA and the nervous system. B12 deficiency can lead to megaloblastic anemia, a type of anemia in which the red blood cells are significantly larger than normal. Metformin contributes to serum B12 deficiency by preventing its transfer into the blood through a calcium dependent membrane, leading to decreased absorption.
Actually, methylmalonic acid is a much better functional indicator of B12 deficiency than homocysteine, which is an indicator which best indicates the presence of MTHF type folate and the capacity for it to methylate methionine.
Maybe not B-12, but suffer an extremely low amount of Vitamin D and have to take supplements.
I want to start taking b12 because I am on metformin now (not yet quite diagnosed with Type II. You simply take a free, HIPAA compliant (confidential) online assessment answering questions about your diet, lifestyle, body type, physical condition, health goals, medications, etc. A New Dual Drug Pill Aims to Boost the Effectiveness of MetforminMetformin Recognized by ACP as Best Drug for Type 2Coenzyme Q10 and Diabetes?

That’s big, because inflammation causes or contributes to almost every major disease, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression, says Dr.
He hedges with terms like “seems” and “may” because, while promising, a lot of the research pointing to curcumin’s benefits has involved animals or lab work—not people. Its effectiveness equals or exceeds many of the other oral medications available and has an excellent safety profile for most individuals. The National Nutrition and Health Examination reviewed the blood work on 1,621 people with diabetes, more than a third of whom were taking metformin, and demonstrated a reduction in serum B12 levels in people who took metformin compared to those who did not.
New measurements of B12 activity have indicated that although metformin does seem to reduce blood levels of B12, this may not reduce the vitamin’s effectiveness in carrying out it its functions in the body. Although it is known as a water soluble vitamin, we can store vitamin B12 in the liver for up to one year. People with mild B12 deficiency may feel weak or tired, bleed easily, experience tingling in the hands and feet and swelling of the tongue.
In addition, in order for B12 o be absorbed into the bloodstream it needs an acid environment in the stomach.
Apparently it’s a new prescription oral tablet I recently read about that works as well as the IM B12 injection, even if you don’t have intrinsic factor. Doctor started me on Metformin first but after a few days of gradually increasing until taking 500 mg x 2, 2times per day. If you decide to take oral B12 there is a company that has really impressed me with the quality and absorption rate of there vitamins.
And for good reason: Curcumin—a molecule found in turmeric that gives the root its distinctive orangey-yellow hue—appears to be a potent inflammation blocker. Bharat Aggarwal, professor of medicine at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. But in very simple terms, a signaling protein called tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF?) plays a large role in driving systemic, disease-causing inflammation.
However, for the last ten to fifteen years there has been a question as to whether metformin causes B12 deficiency in those who take the drug for long periods of time.

When B12 doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, levels of something called total plasma homocysteine (tHcy) go up. B12 is widely distributed in the diets of those who eat any animal products; although those following a vegan diet will need to consume a B12 supplement or B12 enriched tofu or yeast to obtain adequate amounts of the vitamin. Severe B12 deficiency can have serious effects such as memory loss, delusions, loss of taste and smell. Age and intake of acid reducing medications, such as anti-acids or proton pump inhibitors increase the likelihood that older adults may suffer from a B12 deficiency as can certain gastrointestinal disorder such as atrophic gastritis and Crohns disease or surgical reduction of the stomach.
Over the last 18 years, a group of scientists and doctors created a one-of-a-kind nutritional supplement program that delivers personalized pharmaceutical grade nutrition, with your name on it, directly to your door.
Pharmaceutical grade is usually a lot more expensive than cosmetic grade supplements but this company provides their nutrition at a fraction of the price of big box retail stores. All materials contained on this site are protected by United States copyright law and may be used for personal, noncommercial use only. Pharmaceutical drugs that block or inhibit TNF? are now being used to treat inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis, arthritis and many other diseases. But newer studies looking at the levels of tHcy in people who take metformin have found that they have not been elevated. Doctor changed to 30 mg Gliclazide in morning and 500 mg Metformin in evening until glucose is stabilized. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content.

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