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Smoothie Meal replacements are perfect for losing weight and the key to losing weight naturally is having good fats, protein with the right balance of carbs.
While most meal replacement smoothies fail to keep you full for very long this smoothie is chock full of prebiotic fiber, protein and healthy fats that will keep you full throughout the day.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and throughout the years we have been fooled into believing that toast and cereal constitutes a healthy breakfast. Blend to desired thickness and enjoy a yummy healthy breakfast that promotes natural weight loss!
The worst thing about trying to lose weight on typical weight loss plans is starving your body of nutrients. Breakfast is highly important and eating something that will kick start your brains is crucial.
One of the great benefits of making your own protein shake recipes, is that you actually know what the ingredients are when you make the shake yourself.
This recipe is not only delicious, it literally takes to minutes to make and is completely natural. Even though I was exposed to a wide variety of foods growing up in a very European household, there are simply some foods I would not touch with a barge pole. Furthermore many essential vitamins found in whole milk such as Vitamin D, E and A are fat soluble and need fat to be transported and distributed throughout the body. The healthy “good” fats such as those found in whole milk, are essential for the production of a hormone called Cholecystokinin (CCK). Muesli is often touted as an amazingly healthy and convenient meal and is marketed to the health conscious crowd. It may shock you to know that most muesli bars and muesli’s readily available in supermarkets and health-food stores contain an alarmingly high amount of sugar, processed carbohydrates and often harmful vegetable oils!
If the idea of giving up on muesli is far too much to bear, consider making your own simple, yet delicious, sugar and grain free muesli that will not cause a huge blood sugar spike. An example could be combining seeds (sunflower, pepitas, chia, sesame) with roughly chopped nuts (walnuts, pecans, macadamias, , hazelnuts, almonds) and shredded unsweetened coconut. Also the 180 protein bars are a great natural alternative to your muesli bars if you are looking for a convenient snack. Commercially prepared sports drinks otherwise known as “energy drinks” are often consumed by people who want to obtain an energy lift, improve their sports performance or those who believe that this is a better alternative to soft drinks.
Unfortunately most sports drinks are far from healthy, in fact most have no real health benefit at all and can negatively effect your health. If its vitamins, minerals and energy that you are after you are better off consuming real, whole foods, beverages and supplements such as healthy fats, quality, clean protein, antioxidant rich fruit (berries), fibrous vegetables, nuts, seeds, water, herbal teas and yes even a cup of good quality coffee without the sugar and skim milk thanks.
You are better off eating a piece of fresh fruit as one glass of fruit juice contains much more sugar than the whole fruit and you are loosing much of the fibre which helps to keep the digestive and elimination systems working well. Whilst my first preference would be to eat real, whole food, I do believe that there are many instances that warrant supplementation with a protein based powder. There are many commercial protein powders and weight loss shakes on the market containing concerning amounts of heavy metal toxins such as cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic. In a nutshell, I lean toward protein based powders that contain grass fed whey, that is low allergy (e.g without gluten) and one that has had minimal processing. In essence, protein powders can be worthy of shelf space in your cupboards provided you choose good quality, minimally processed varieties like 180nutrition protein powder. Tip #5 Choose high quality protein powders with ingredients you recognise with minimal processing.
As you can see all of my top five fall into the processed, distant relative to whole food category. Thats what the body thrives on and deserves so please don’t throw complex stuff into it that it may not know what to do with. Lynda is a fully qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 13 years of experience in the health industry.
In my early twenties though, all the signs were starting to appear that my health wasn’t great; Massive energy swings each day, weight gain, fatigue, sinus issues, blood sugar problems to name a few.
I’ve adjusted my diet over the last eight years and being close to forty years old, I have never felt better! Like so many people, I grew up avoiding fat as I had it drummed into me that too much fat will clog your arteries, cause heart disease and have you keeling over forty years young! It was someone’s bright idea to replace butter (which is rich in the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and the minerals magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and selenium, all essential for good health) with margarine. After recently chatting to the Baker Boys (full interview below) it appears that some brands of fish oil shine over others. Guy Lawrence: Hey, this is Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition and welcome to another episode of The Health Sessions.
Also, if you are listening to this through iTunes, we’d really appreciate the review. Guy Lawrence: And our special guests today are the Baker Boy Brothers, Michael and Christian Baker. Guy Lawrence: First of all, I wanted to just say, you know, you guys are at the firing line, if you like, of the end consumer in retail and working in the supplement industry a long time. Michael Baker: Sure, well, being the older brother it is appropriate, I guess, that I start. Yeah, basically, as far as my memory can go back, I used to come home from school, from high school, year 11 and 12, and see Christian on the lounge playing video games.
And, being the stubborn young brother he is, he would always pretend like he wasn’t even listening, just totally ignored me.
I realized certain corners were being cut, certain claims that were being made, a lot of things, yeah, weren’t quite what they seemed. Guy Lawrence: Yeah, from your experience with people walking into the stores every day, you must have seen, like thousands of thousands of thousands of people now.
One of the key factors that can help you achieve your Weight Loss Goal is having the proper diet plan. Most products on the market are food SUPPLEMENTS which means the consumer will still eat regular meals together with the product.
Anyone who takes bodybuilding seriously should invest in a careful selection of bodybuilding supplements as a matter of course.

When it comes to building blocks for muscle, bone, skin and other tissues, few things are more important than protein.
If you use protein shakes and need to lose weight, then researchers at Pennsylvania State University have a tip for you: keep the blender on for longer when making a shake so that its volume increases. The researchers were not actually doing tests with protein shakes, but with the carbohydrate bombs you can get at treatment centres for fat addicts. The researchers gave a group of almost thirty men a shake to drink half an hour before lunch. The appetite reducing effect of the high-volume protein shakes had disappeared by the evening, when the subjects ate dinner.
Are you having trouble finding meal replacement shakes that will help you lose weight naturally and keep you full throughout the day? The Easy Meal Replacement Smoothie makes this possible while providing your body with healthy fats to help you keep fuller for longer.
This is a great easy meal replacement smoothie that will contribute to your health and help you lose weight while providing your body with the nutrients it needs throughout the day. Not only does this inhibit weight loss but does not provide the necessary nutrients to constitute a healthy breakfast. This smoothie is a delicious way to provide your body with essential nutrients and lose weight! This smoothie is perfect for providing your body and brain with vital nutrients to kick start your day! The reality is you can make your own with a blender and keep all the ingredients natural without the stuff that’s made in a laboratory, and have all the major health benefits using completely natural ingredients brings!
I get extreme pleasure from preparing and eating good food for others and myself, especially when I know it will nourish, make us feel good and provide the energy needed to make the most of this fabulous life. I have selected five to discuss, leaving out some others you may already know about such as vegetable oils, margarine and commercially prepared salad dressings. Low fat milks therefore lack the vehicle our bodies and minds need to absorb and make use of these nutrients. It is no surprise that people choose muesli and muesli bars for breakfast in preference to packaged cereals high in sugar or savoury meals such as egg and bacon. You could mix these with coconut oil, cinnamon powder and vanilla and bake in the oven until lightly toasted.
They are high in sugar and contain many chemicals such as preservatives, dyes and a well known brand contains brominated vegetable oil, a flavour and colour enhancer.
Whilst they may contain “only” fruit they are without the fibre found when we eat the real thing. The danger here aside from the blood sugar spike is that we develop a taste for sweet foods and our cravings and consumption grows. The fibre found in a piece of fruit such as an apple slows down the absorption and protects us from the effects of fruit sugar. Such as athletic performance, illness, convalescence (recovery from ill health) and dietary deficiencies where consumption of whole food is affected. In addition to this most are artificially sweetened and treated with heat and acid which again affects the quality and renders them useless to your health.
Simply avoid the commercially prepared varieties that will do nothing to positively impact your health. Put simply, if you suspect a “health-food” might not be that healthy, keep it simple and opt for food close to its natural form and a minimal ingredient list with items you recognise.
She has extensive experience in running healthy, effective and sustainable weight loss programs and has expertise in investigating and treating the underlying causes of weight gain and metabolic problems. Everything I’ve listed here, I had bought into growing up and thought I was living a normal ‘healthy’ lifestyle. Whether you agree with the points I’ve listed or not is fine, but if you are not totally happy with your health, energy or weight then maybe it’s worth taking a look at. If you listen to the pyramid then half your daily diet would be wheat, grains, rice, pasta, cereals (gluten) etc. I’ve witnessed so many people struggling with their weight yet they are on a constant diet.
They go rancid easily and break down into free radicals when heated and many of them are hydrogenated and become unstable. This has been a heated and contested area but I believe that saturated fat is critical for health and the brain. But the reality is, no amount of mass media marketing will convince me breakfast cereals should be a staple in the human diet these days. They were one of the first guys to setup a major supplement store franchise from the USA here in Australia. Today you’re in for a treat as we dig deep into the truths, or what we feel to be the truths, about the supplement world. These guys were the first franchisees in Australia of probably one of the largest companies in the world, supplement companies, and they’ve been in the industry a long time. That just helps our rankings and helps us get the word out there as we spread the good message about food and health and what we believe. We then went and did our personal training qualification and dabbled into, you know, nutrition a little bit, but we didn’t really know that much, and then, to the point where we are now, which is being in the industry, the supplement industry, heavily for five years. It’s intriguing, because, obviously, I started out as a fitness trainer ten years ago and, from the outside looking in, is a very different perceived…perception to when you start getting amongst it. I mean, we also say we are what we eat, but we are kind of what our animals eat, as well, and all of that is completely unknown to us.
A lot of people like to use it as an excuse to eat crap, because they are using the vitamins for damage control.
How many new micronutrients and, on a deeper level, phytonutrients, they’re the tiniest little things, are becoming revealed over these last few years? What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when choosing supplements if they, you know, are not under any guidance?
The main goal of this program is to lessen your Calorie intake while maintaining a steady intake of essential nutrients. Our female client base is large and diverse, ranging from bodybuilding professionals to runners looking to top their personal best through nutrition alterations and supplement advice.

Blend your protein shakes for longer Want to lose weight? The shakes had a volume of 300 mm, 450 mm or 600 mm, but all contained the same amount of kilocalories.
The men who drank a shake therefore had a higher energy intake for the whole day than those who did not drink a shake. Here at 180 Nutrition we have made it our goal to help people lose weight whether you are a fitness fanatic, stay at home mum or lead a busy life. A great breakfast smoothie that is both healthy and great for natural weight loss is this Green Gut Loving High Protein Breakfast Smoothie. It makes sense then that low fat or skim milk can often leave you feeling unsatisfied, and inclined to reach for more food shortly after eating to fill the void.
If you thought that fruit juice was a healthy alternative to sugar sweetened drinks, you would be wrong. Its an ugly thought isn’t it and not a habit we want to get into if optimal health and weight control is your goal. In essence you are getting a big dose of fruit sugar (fructose), which messes with your blood sugar levels and leaves you feeling ungrounded, hungry and anxious.
At the end of the day when all we want for ourselves is great health and happiness we need to be aware of the excessive often “hidden” sugars found in our food and beverages. Strip away the fibre and cram multiple fruits into a bottle and what you get is a sugary drink which absorbs quickly and leaves you feeling hungry. Do you really need more convincing? Having said that good quality, highly nutritious protein based powders exist you just need to do some simple research (I recommend 180 Natural Protein to my clients). In this instance I would use non whey based protein powders such as pea protein, using the same questions above for your detective work. From my experience it worked for me and I’ve seen it time and time again with others; what you put in your mouth on a daily basis has a massive effect on your long term health. Yet these foods will respond in your body just like sugar does and send your insulin sky high. For years now I have made sure I have an abundance of quality fats with every meal (note: not all fats are created equal). Found in many ‘diet’ soft drinks and even weight loss shakes along with so called ‘health foods’. Even Time Magazine recently had a knob of butter on the front cover and announced they had got it wrong (yay!).  If you are worried about heart health and cholesterol, worry about man made fats along with foods that cause inflammation, which is what I have removed from my diet. Highly processed carbs that feed the appetite but not the body, with many loaded with sugar too! It can help put the good bacteria back into your gut just so you can actually digest these proteins and foods properly. Marketing play, I mean, you know obviously we all work in the industry, marketing plays a lot in that, as well, I think. In other words, it is like still taking three meals a day except you consume a lot less calories. Nevertheless, the men that had the shake that had been blended longest ate twelve percent less kilocalories at lunch.
We have a variety of perfect Meal Replacement Smoothie Natural Weight Loss Shakes that will help you achieve your goals in weight loss and fitness. Good fats also slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream, reducing the amount that can be stored as fat. Not to mention fruit juice does nothing for your waist line because as we know excessive sugar is converted into fat, compounded also by the fact that fruit juice will leave you feeling hungry and thus more inclined to unnecessarily reach for more food.
We hear of weight issues and obesity rates rising and the message remains the same - eat less and exercise more. Yet there’s much evidence now showing that this stuff ruins gut health which of course leads to a host of health issues including weight gain.
They are also high in omega 6, which most people over consume, when we actually need more omega 3’s which can be found in quality saturated fats. Amazingly processed vegetable oils can be found in most packaged high street supermarket foods. These will also be doing your blood sugar level no favours and you’ll be wondering why you’re hungry in an hour after eating it. Join us and find out what actually goes on in one of the most confusing industries out there! The longer they had been blended, the more air bubbles they contained, and the greater the volume of the shake.
It’s easy to say that this is an empty calorie and can be ‘burned off’, but this doesn’t take fructose into consideration, which is 50% of table sugar and comes with it’s own host of problems. Seriously, this stuff does not go in my body and it saddens me to see others eating this and thinking they are doing the right thing. Is there anything we should be concerned about?” And what to check when looking for them in general, you know?
Many people believe that by removing the fat we have a healthier substance which provides the same flavour.
Most people who’s weight or health is suffering are following the shockingly wrong nutritional guidelines I’ve listed here.
From what I’ve seen, too much of the sweet stuff will definitely take it’s toll on health. Giving you all the essentials fats, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibrous carbs you need in one simple hit! Sadly aside from the tasteless aspect and uninviting texture of skim milk, skim milk can actually contribute to weight gain and has minimal health benefits other than a false sense of belief that you are making a better choice for your health goals. By doing this, it will lead to low grade inflammation which causes a host of problems over time. Then there are digestive issues with gut bacteria, candida and leaky gut with many studies showing how this hugely affects our body weight. The body is so complex we are forever learning about it, and biggest loser lifestyle with weight loss shakes and restricted calories is not the answer.

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