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However, Arnold’s life story remains today as the MOST inspirational and unforgettable among all successful bodybuilders. In 1965, Arnold sneaked out of his military camp during his compulsory national service training to join Junior Mr Europe, which he won. In 1968, at age 21, Arnold moved to the US with only $20 and very little English-speaking ability. Here are some snippets of the lengths and effort Arnold went through to capture the success he has today. He was in military jail for a week but after he was released, his officers commended him for his outstanding achievement.
He was brought under the wings of the late Joe Weider (pictured here) and soon became a bodybuilding star.

This is the most powerful message you’ll ever hear and very few of you will learn it from school.
But despite being born without the privileges many of us have (loving parents and a financially sound family), Arnold was a very determined kid. By the age of 20, Arnold became the youngest Mr Universe ever and his name begun to spread in the bodybuilding realm.
Before there were commercialized protein shakes available, teenage Arnold would mix milk, raw eggs and honey in a bottle and drink it at school for extra protein and calories! By the end of his bodybuilding career, Arnold have won seven Mr Olympia titles (the pinnacle of bodybuilding titles)! Nowadays, we have plenty of bodybuilders who are way bigger than Arnold, due to advancement in sports science, training and nutrition.

By the end of the 70s, Arnold has already won seven Mr Olympia titles and his name is already held high and spoken about by people around the world!
And even just as a skinny, poor and unknown kid, that’s the beginning of very legend we know today.
Plus, his record of most Mr Olympia titles has also been beaten by Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney.

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