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If you have forgotten your password, simply enter the e-mail address you used to register on this site to begin the password reset process. During the normal process of digestion, lactose is broken down into glucose by an enzyme known as lactase, and absorbed into the bloodstream.
When lactose passes through the gut undigested, it is acted upon by bacteria in the intestine, producing the extremely uncomfortable symptoms of lactose intolerance, which include cramps, diarrhoea, bloating and wind.
While most people obtain their daily protein requirement from eating a balanced diet, bodybuilders and some athletes find it difficult to meet their high protein requirements through food alone, and choose to supplement with protein powder. Du kannst bei eine von Einfluss reduzierte Sportbekleidung kaufen, du findest am aufgef'hrten Ort die komplette Ausstattung für Sportler. Qua Helmut Freinecker 'ne Reise durch Indien unternahm, fiel in dem auf, dass Bauarbeiter gravitation Zementsäcke zu deutsche mark Kopf trugen und hierbei einen auswuchs aufrechten Gang einnahmen. FiT ProteinX-Act™ is therefore a highly efficient, cost-effective, delicious tasting, convenient and accurate way to make up any shortfalls in high quality dietary protein, WITHOUT significantly increasing total Calorie intake or ingesting excess fats and cholesterol. It is estimated that as many as one in ten Australians have made at least some changes to their diet to accommodate an inability to properly digest this naturally occurring dairy sugar. Lactose intolerance differs from milk allergy, which is an immune response provoked by dairy proteins. Additionally, the weight loss benefits of a high protein intake are well known by anyone trying to shed the kilos, and protein powders are extremely popular and effective meal replacements.
However, it is fact that the human body cannot store protein and if protein is not immediately available to repair tissue damaged through training the body will “cannibalise” amino acids to repair the damaged muscle from other areas of the body.
If protein intake is lacking in the normal diet, then a protein supplement may be used to correct any imbalances, ensuring that a positive nitrogen balance is maintained, blood sugar stabilised and muscle catabolism avoided. Designed in keeping with these findings, FiT ProteinX-Act™ delivers maximum absorption, muscle growth, nitrogen retention and immune system boosting from a selection of four different protein types, including Whey Protein, Egg Albumen, Calcium Caseinate and Soy Isolate.
It may come as a surprise that some whey proteins are so low in lactose they can be tolerated by almost anyone. This will limit the body’s ability to overcompensate (recover fully) and thus improve, meaning that training sessions are less efficient.
All four of these proteins achieve the very highest scores (each a perfect 1) on the PDCAAS scale, but have different digestive rates, amino profiles and fat contents. Depending on protein content of normal diet a second serving may be taken between other meals. People tend to grow more intolerant of lactose as they reach adulthood, and lactase production is also determined by genetics, with people from some ethnic backgrounds typically more able to digest dairy products than others. Additionally, there are a number of high quality non-dairy proteins on the market for those who would like to avoid lactose entirely.
As for which protein delivers the best protein synthesis kick is still up for debate as research is still mixed.
It is therefore very important, especially if muscle gain is the objective, to ensure that high quality, low fat protein is continuously available.
No milk powder is used in FiT ProteinX-Act™, thus maximizing high quality protein content (actual usable protein availability is in excess of 85%, compared to approximately 20%-25% for high protein foods such as fish, chicken, eggs and lean red meat!) while reducing fat, lactose and carbohydrates. The same results could have occurred in the study if 4 glasses of milk were used instead of whey or 2 chicken breasts were eaten.

Nike rüstet indirekt schon auch dasjenige schwedische Team aus, denn es spielt in Trikots der Briefmarke Umbro, die Nike vergangenes Jahr kaufte. Meeting a high protein intake quote for the day, however, can be challenging — especially when the protein requirements go up, which is the case for hard-training athletes, individuals on a strength training regimen seeking to increase lean mass, and those trying to lose bodyfat while preserving muscle mass. However, if you can’t (easily) meet your protein requirements for the day due to time issues or food choices, then a quality protein powder can be a useful supplement.WHEY PROTEINWhey is the most common protein supplement taken. Whey can be found naturally in dairy such as milk, cheese, and yogurt.  Whey itself is the liquid part extracted from milk with the other part being the curds (Casein) and the natural by-product of cheese production.
What used to be thought of as a waste product of cheese-making, is now a multi-billion dollar industry.
The brands are countless as are the flavors, the add-on ingredients, and of course the hyper-inflated claims each brand makes about their blend of whey.A lot of bullshit is made about the types of whey and how they can improve protein synthesis.
Concentrate also contains various protein subfractions with may have additional health benefits. Designer Outlet der Konzern, dasjenige Apokalypse 2014 in Vancouver, Kanada als erstes McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Nordamerika eröffnen wird.
Whey Isolate is made by further processing Whey Concentrate, removing more non-protein stuff (lactose, carbs, various protein subfractions).
However, during this processing, the shape of the protein might change (denatured) which may suppress any biological activities of the protein 2. Despite the fact that some of the health benefits might be stripped away during the processing, Isolate may have some advantages that Concentrate does not have. Studies have shown that isolate can have more of an effect on the body’s insulin release than Concentrate.
But whether this makes any real world difference is questionable.Hydrolyzed Whey Whey Isolate can be further processed by pre-digesting the Isolate into a mix of amino acids and proteins that are smaller. This increases the absorption time and the manufacturers claim this can increase protein synthesis aspects of the protein. Because of these claims (and the additional costs of processing), the cost of Hydrolyzed Whey is much more expensive, anywhere from 30 percent to 200 percent more! Hydrolyzed whey often has a bitter taste to it.Studies do show that Hydrolyzed Whey is a fast absorbing protein.
However, if you compare the data between two studies, one comparing the absorption times  that non-hydrolyzed whey vs casein(3) and one study comparing hydrolyzed whey vs casein(4) the absorption rates of Hydrolyzed Whey and regular Whey are almost the same!
Keep in mind Hydrolyzed Whey is much more expensive.CASEIN PROTEIN Taken from the milk curds, this is a slow-absorbing protein.
The fitness community likes to promote casein consumption at night so you have a slow-releasing protein that feeds your body when sleeping. The research is still a bit mixed and not too many studies have been done directly comparing one type to another.
Overall, research points to Whey being the best for muscle building if you have to choose one. That is, Casein is a slow absorbing protein (taking up to 5 hours to absorb) while whey fast absorbing (less than an hour).
This has lead to a number of different ‘protein timing’ strategies to get protein to the body either slowly or quickly, depending on when you take it.

The group that was given whey isolate had by the end of the 10 week period a significant gain in strength and lean body mass over the group that supplemented with casein( 6 ).
This would indicate a clear win for whey over casein, by all means except for one limiting point noted in the study: The group that consumed Whey Isolate also ate an additional 250 calories per day for the 10 week duration, which  likely contributed to some of the lean mass and strength gains.
As anyone who has started a strength training regiment with the intent to gain mass and strength knows, this usually requires a caloric surplus; take two groups, give them the same protein intake, but increase the calories for one group by a couple hundred and have the other keep their calories around maintenance and you would expect to see a greater gain in strength and mass in the group that has MORE calories. So we have to take this study with a grain of salt.Another study took overweight people, put them on a calorie restricting diet and divided them into a whey-taking group, and a casein-based meal replacement group and had them do resistance training over a 12 week period. The group that took the casein based meal replacement showed more results in terms of strength and lean body mass compared to the only-whey group(7). After a 10 week period the whey group saw a decrease in body fat percentage and an improvement in anaerobic performance(8).However, another study has shown that slow digesting proteins such as casein or a combination blend of slow and fast absorbing proteins is superior post workout to fast absorbing ones. The study compared milk vs soy post workout and found the slow absorption milk protein was more effective than the fast absorbing soy for promoting lean muscle mass gains after 12 weeks(9). I will say that milk, which contains a mix of whey and casein, compared to soy, is not at all the same as whey vs. Lyle McDonald, does finger this study as some of the new emerging evididence that the fitness industry has it backwards, that it is actually SLOW absorbing protein or a mix of slow and fast, taken after a workout, is more beneficial for protein synthesis then fast absorbing protein (whey).What does this all mean? Some research suggest that the fast absorbing proteins like Whey are better post workout than slow ones like Casein and some of the studies listed above do show Whey more effective at building lean muscle.But recent emerging research is actually starting to finger slower release proteins or a BLEND of fast and slow to be more effect for lean muscle gains. SoyMost athletes and fitness-minded people opt for Whey as the default, but Soy is an alternative choice for some.
Research does point to Soy being less effective than Whey and there is some research that points to Soy increasing estrogen levels and suppressing testosterone.FINAL WORLD ON PROTEIN POWDERSMake sure you have adequate protein in your diet. However, more research needs to be done here as it is still hard to draw conclusions.Research points to Whey being superior to Soy for protein synthesisWhey Isolate is a good default choice for Whey due to protein content levels and less lactose and fat. Choose Whey Concentrate if you want a cheaper price and more natural protein and are less concerned about calories per serving. Hydrolyzed Whey is a ripoff pricewise and delivers no advantage over regular Isolate, other than the fact that it is easier to digest if you have problems with regular Whey.The bottom line is that the difference between Whey and Casein on protein synthesis is minor compared to the difference of going from a protein deficient diet to a protein sufficient diet.
I prefer Dymatize because it’s about 20 bucks cheaper for the 10lb dymatize vs the 10lb Optimum Whey ($105).
Journal of Applied Physiology (2009) ↩ Whey protein stimulates postprandial muscle protein accretion more effectively than do casein and casein hydrolysate in older men.
Effect of a hypocaloric diet, increased protein intake and resistance training on lean mass gains and fat mass loss in overweight police officers. Consumption of fat-free fluid milk after resistance exercise promotes greater lean mass accretion than does consumption of soy or carbohydrate in young, novice, male weightlifters.

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