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Protein shakes recipes don’t have to be boring, uneventful combinations of water and your favorite protein powder. Half of these items are perishable, while the other half can sit in your cupboard for quite some time.
Chocolate and Red Pepper – Your favorite chocolate protein powder with some real dark chocolate and red pepper to taste.
Morning Jolt – Protein powder of choice, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, dash of instant coffee grounds (or added black coffee), dark chocolate, whole milk. Paradise Shake – Fresh pineapple in milk, vanilla protein powder, small amount of blueberries and a dash of vanilla extract.
Heavy cream, cream cheese, mascarpone and Greek yogurt are an excellent way to add flavor, calories and creaminess to your protein shake. This is a healthy and natural whipped topping that can be placed on top of any protein shake.
Don’t be afraid to toss in a little dark chocolate or cocoa powder into your fruity protein powder.

Instead of making a protein shake, combine fruit, protein powder, Greek yogurt and a dollop or two of cream cheese or mascarpone and make a tasty smoothie. If you are on a cutting or fat loss diet it can be difficult finding creative ways to sneak in quality fats. If you love peanut butter (or nut butter), add a dollop or two into your favorite chocolate protein powder.
This article provides suggestions and tips on how to make flavorful and nutritious protein drink recipes. You can actually turn them into mini-meals, filled with tons of nutritional value, macronutrient variety and taste. Two cups whole milk, one cup heavy cream, a dollop or two of mascarpone, protein powder and flavors of choice.
If you aren’t hitting your daily macro requirements for fat, or if you missed a meal, try adding a small amount of almond milk or coconut oil into your shakes.
If you hate, hate, hate veggies, try finely chopping up a golf-ball sized portion of spinach.

Add your favorite protein powder to coffee, and combine with other flavors such as vanilla extract, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, almond milk, heavy cream, etc. Find as many low to non-processed food choices as you can, and ask yourself if there is a creative way to incorporate them into protein shakes. They are popular for a reason, and when combined correctly, can be made into amazing and tasty protein shakes. They are merely suggestions, and items that can help you make some tremendous protein shakes. You can even ice your concoction, then blend with ice cubes for a refreshing ice coffee drink.

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