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Physicians prescribe, cooks prepare and people eat all manner of combinations of food, without the slightest regard for the physiological limitations of man's digestive system.
Digestion is governed by Physiological Chemistry but the so-called Food Scientist continues to disregard this fact.
Certain physiological limitations of the digestive glands and of the digestive enzymes and juices should be considered when planning a meal. I append the accompanying chart as a guide to food-combining, which is fashioned after one designed by Dr.
Sugar, Syrup, Molasses, and Honey have been left out of this chart, because they combine badly with all foods, and because they are best not eaten. It is acceptable to have an acid fruit breakfast one morning, and a sweet fruit breakfast on the next.
In the winter months, one or two dried fruits such as figs, dates, raisins, prunes, etc., may be substituted for the fresh fruits.
Noon Meal: A vegetable salad (omitting tomatoes from this salad), one cooked, green vegetable and a starch.

Evening Meal: A large, raw vegetable salad (if nuts or cottage cheese are to be used as the protein, tomatoes may be used in this salad), two cooked non-starchy vegetables and a protein.
Fat meats, sour apples, beans, peanuts, peas, cereals, bread and jam, or hot-cakes and honey or syrup, are notoriously slow in digesting and are frequent sources of discomfort and putrescent poisoning. Much of this is well known to the layman, and all of it may be known to the careful observer.
Although the body requires approximately 20% of the diet to be derived from acid-forming foods that can be properly digested to help maintain pristine health, high acid-forming diets that cannot be properly digested acidify body tissue and eventually lead to Low Chronic Acidosis that will drain and weaken the health and energy of every human cell in the body.
It is the general view that the human stomach should be able to digest about any number and variety of food substances that may be put into it at one time. He writes out his menus without the slightest thought of the decomposition that his jumbled mixtures are certain to cause in the digestive tracts of his patients. It is not what we eat but what we digest and assimilate that adds to our health, strength and usefulness.
The intelligent person will not lightly cast aside such facts, but will use them as guides in eating.

The Acid Alkaline Food Chart (also referred to as the Alkaline Acid Food Chart or Alkaline and Acid Food Chart) has listed the various food groups below according to either a negative PRAL or positive PRAL score. He never thinks of the fact that he is actually poisoning those who pay him for advice and instruction. I have made certain additions to the chart, and have disagreed with him in a few minor particulars. It is recommended that, not more than three fruits be used at a meal, as, for example, grapes, well-ripened bananas and an apple.
His chart does not include melons and fats and does not differentiate between sour or butter milk and sweet milk.

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