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While I totally believe that working out with just some good ol’ fashioned willpower is great, there is definitely something to be said about using pre-workout supplements. It was the first supplement I ever tried, and over the years it has still remained in my line up.
Just as a side note, I’ve tried a lot of workout supplements and sometimes they can give me headaches or stomach problems. This month, the coaches of Breaking Muscle UK were asked to consider strength as the focus of our articles.
Inspired by a simple homemade chocolate milk recipe of cocoa powder, icing sugar, and a drop of vanilla extract, enter The Best DIY Pre-Workout Shake. Girevik Chef and SFG1 Certified Kettlebell Instructor Tim Harrison is a former fatty dyslexic Fitfood writer who likes a challenge.
At the age of thirty, Tim had already spent sixteen years in catering including menu development, teaching, thousands of meals cooked, and plenty of cleaning too.
Tim turned his lifetime of food experience, knowledge, and passion around to produce Fitfood with an emphasis on flavor.

Mind you, it is definitely necessary for you to research what you are going to take before (keyword BEFORE) you take it. Fortunately, this product doesn’t cause me any problems, but I really suggest you try it first before buying a full container to see how your body reacts with it, everyone is different. This is pretty easy for me to cover as a recipe contributor, as my advice for building strength is simple: fuel your workouts properly to get the best results in the gym.
And a quick hit of sugar and some easy-to-digest protein does check some of the boxes for a solid pre-workout shake.
Instead of sugar, this recipe uses a ripe banana for a sweet hit of carbohydrate and an added potassium boost to stop you cramping mid-workout. But why buy a bottle of engineered-to-last-a-year, store-bought crap when you can make it yourself? I've also mixed in almonds to maximise your energy levels and pack an extra punch of protein and magnesium. I find that it mixes best with a blender ball container, but I’m sure stirring with a spoon would also be just fine.

About 10 minutes after I take this, I get a slight pins-and-needles feeling in my fingers, face, and ears. This is a result of the beta alanine. I actually really like this feeling, and it goes away as soon as you start working out.
So if nothing else, taking this supplement is a motivator in that you need to exercise to get rid of the tingly¬†feeling. This build-up will start to make you feel a burning sensation in your muscles and frequently can be the cause of the end of a workout. Well, beta alanine helps neutralize or buffer this acid so you won’t feel fatigued quite as fast. N-Zero Extreme also containsL-arginine which helps to increase your NO (nitric oxide) levels.

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