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Just one look at the MYPRE ingredients list shows that MyProtein have finally started to list actually quantities of the ingredients used, much like GoNutrition, The Protein Works and Sci-MX.
On top of this, MYPRE also contains a vitamins & mineral blend, along with Essential Amino Acids. What is confusing is that the supplement facts on the tub shows a proprietary blend, whereas the official MyProtein website lists the exact quantities.
If reading the list of ingredients have left you looking like Homer Simpson deciding whether he needs to scratch his head or his ass, then here is a run down of what each does. Supplementing with beta alanine prior to a workout will increase muscle carnosine levels, which helps reduce muscle fatigue and lactic acid. This means you can train with a higher level of intensity during a workout, either for heavier weight or for more reps before muscle fatigue and failure sets in. From my research, caffeine dosage for exercise purpose is most effective between 200mg-600mg. Based on the ingredients list and supplement facts, you definitely want to go with 2 scoops of MYPRE.
So my Monday consisted of a 3 and a half hour train journey home, taking care of some business, before hitting chest & triceps on the evening. This particular workout was a high volume workout, so I was shooting for sets with a rep range of 12-14.
Pro-longed use of MYPRE, I believe would aid with recovery thanks to the amino acids & bcaa. Don’t think that adding MYPRE to the rest of your my protein supplement stack will make from go from Brunce Banner to The Hulk in 4 weeks.
However if you have realistic expectations of what a pre-workout can do, and understand why you should use a pre-workout, then you will be pleased with how you perform in the gym when taking MYPRE.

My Protein have really upped their game over the past few months with their flavours and product innovations.
However over the past few months, the range of flavours across all their supplements have increased. Using any of our myprotein discount codes will let you save anywhere from 10-30% on this however. The range of flavours available is great, and there will be at least 1 you can find that you think does taste awesome. Its as if they’ve just let competitors such as The Protein Works overtake them with supplements such as Raze or Genesis.
When exercising, hydrogen ions build up, lowering the PH levels within the muscle, making them fatigue. This is what many people, foolishly, rate the effectiveness of a pre workout supplement from. Its a superior form of creatine monohydrate, which is the most widely research type of creatine. Caffeine increase cognitive function, and can help to improve endurance and give a higher level of energy. These are essential for muscle recovery, preventing your body entering a catabolic state, and encouraging muscle growth.
Taking bcaa prior to exercise will help ensure that your muscle’s are fueled with the right amino acids to prevent catoblism. Considering my diet that day been low carbs, only around 40grams for the entire day (which is very unusual for me) i had an awesome pump. I genuinely felt that I was able to squeeze out a few extra reps, particularly on the pec deck, and dips.

Pump would be increased, as it was in this one workout, due to the Nitric Oxide ingredients.
As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. It’s been available in the US market for quite a while now, however the UK are only just getting it. However if you’re using a variety of creatine sources, you are increasing your bodies ability to use it effecitvely, and see the results of it. Think of citruline malate and l-arginine as taking your orgasm (the pump) and enhancing it by 10.
I felt like my performance was enhanced, especially given my tired condition prior to the workout, so pro-longed use of it would (in my opinion) lead to greater gains. I’d recommend adding a minimum of 300 to try and prevent the frothy rearing its ugly head.
They have a lot of amino acid blends, all in one post workout shakes, such as Hurricane XS, along with protein blends. The last time i was surpsied with the effectiveness of a pre workout was probably using SCI-MX X-PLODE.

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