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When you really consider these cheaper products you soon realize that you are paying money for pretty much nothing but stimulants. But if you break down the ingredients in Pre JYM, you would actually find that it saves you a lot of money.
And with Pre JYM you get quality ingredients that deliver real results at reasonable prices.
Actually dude I got zero reps for that post, and got negged three times by a 30k, a 4k and a 3k. You're probably going to bring up my refusal to accept the drinking culture, by that account I could be a hypocrite but I actually don't plan on living here much longer, partly because I can't stand it anymore.
Someone actually posted about Sweden having a higher gun ownership %, and yet deaths from firearms are exponentially lower than America or any other country. What’s the point of saving money on products that don’t deliver anything except a bunch of stimulants and no real nutrients that you need to grow bigger and get stronger in the gym like BCAAs, creatine, beta-alanine, and betaine, to name a few?
I'm pretty sure one of your criticisms was comparing guns to transport (as well as my own), but I guess *you're* allowed to make fallacious comparisons, right?

That in itself is empirical proof that it's not the right to own guns that is a problem but it's who owns them. However, Pre JYM actually saves you a lot of money because it has all the ingredients you need before workouts at the actual doses you need them in.
I list the ingredient, the brand, the retailer I found it at, the price per bottle (and how much of that ingredient is in the bottle), the price per gram and then the price of that ingredient to reach the dose it is at in one serving of Pre JYM. But most prewokrout products on the market don’t provide the quality ingredients at the full correct doses that Pre JYM does. And I don't give a damm, I expressed my opinion rationally without taking sides (not brown nosing, if people disagree with you are they automatically brown nosing your opposition?) and if people including you don't like it that's their problem. At least present your argument constructively-if you really want to set an example of how anti-gun individuals are more mentally balanced than pro-gun you're doing a terrible job of it. Unfortunately America has a tonne of social issues that result in tragic events occurring from depraved individuals or simply frustrated dudes with mental shortcomings. I realize that there are a lot cheaper products out there, but they cost less because they provide a LOT less.

Then I added them all up together to see what it would cost you to make one serving of this very product in your own kitchen.
That’s why they have to use proprietary blends and only provide about 6 grams total or less per serving. The supposed“expensive” price tag of Pre JYM is not a reflection of how expensive Pre JYM is, instead it is a reflection of how cheap and crappy most of the other preworkout supplements are. But I promise you that I am keeping the price just high enough to keep the JYM Supplement Science line afloat.

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