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Although exercise is certainly overrated when it comes to losing weight, I have often blogged about the many benefits of being physically active.
A paper just published online in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice by Lorian Taylor and several of my colleagues here at the University of Alberta, we explored the relationship between physical activity and health-related quality of life in individuals with prediabetes.
1) Why were over 60% of the individuals with prediabetes not meeting physical activity goals, especially when physical activity has been shown to significantly delay the onset of diabetes? 2) Is the association between less physical activity and poorer mental and physical health truly causal or are the poorer mental and physical health perhaps the very reasons for not being active? As a Mental Health Consumer I well know that when the illness is at its worset few of us feel like moving even though we know that it is ggo for us to do so–combine that with medications tha often atribute to weight gain the cause effect line becomes very blurry. DonationIf you have benefitted from the information on this site, please take a minute to donate to its maintenance.

Not only do lemons include much-needed Vitamin C, it’s practically overflowing with useful nutrients. Scent of the lemon gives you sense of calm.Drinking it daily with your water then not only provides your body with energy but also helps reduce anxiety and depression.
There is also a greater tendency to have Binge eating Disorders even if they are only on certain foods, there are some foods that I cannot keep in my home because of this.
That means relieving symptoms of indigestions like burping or bloating that we could all do without.
Some people have even cut coffee entirely out of their diet and replaced it with lemon water. It is not that we do not know better it is more that we are too tired to do better until the extra weight or blood sugar is so bad that we can not ignore it any longer.

Perhaps this information can help you understand how many of us feel and think–then when you add all the other factors of society to bear you can see why so many are overweight. It has calcium, which strengthens your bones and teeth, and it has iron, which helps with healthy oxygen levels and blood flow. Perhaps some of those who are obese are self medicating with food and not ready to seek mental health help.

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