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When your muscles recover more quickly you can get back to pumping iron and building massive muscles sooner!
Some Post-Workout Supplements work better than others for promoting faster muscle recovery. IGF-1 Supplements are formulated to help you lengthen endurance, improve overall performance, shorten recovery time, and boost strength! Designed to be taken immediately after an intense and high performance workout, the Muscle Pharm Re-Con is a quality supplementing for replenishing the person’s lost nutrients. Manufactured by our #4 ranked supplement, Optimum Nutrition After Max is a powerful post workout mixture that is designed to refresh and replenish the body’s muscles.
MHP Dark Matter is an excellent supplement for bodybuilders and professional athletes to take after a workout. As our number 1 ranked post-workout supplement, Universal Nutrition Torrent is highly ranked by users. You must know that recovery is first step to muscle development, so that’s what gives post workout or recovery supplements their importance.
Beta alanine is one of the non-essential amino acid which is naturally produced in the body itself. You have a greater chance of breaking down muscle tissues when you do high intensity workouts like weight lifting.
Not only does this anabolic window help restore damaged muscles, but it also spurs new muscle growth. Available in a multitude of flavors including colossal chocolate, chocolate sundae, raspberry rush, mucho mango and vanilla customers have many options to select from.
This supplement uses ingredients and proven research to capitalize on the one hour anabolic window immediately after a workout. Properly utilizing the one hour window of time after a workout is essential to creating more muscle growth.

When it comes to supplements that are to be taken after doing your workouts they are those that promote muscle growth and recovery. These supplements are fully designed to give you all the nutrients and minerals that you lost during the workout.
Whey protein is one of the most used supplements that most of the bodybuilder and athletes use to gain muscle mass. As you do your workout, levels of magnesium and zinc almost go lower because of sweating too much or sometimes of imbalanced diet. This supplement is known for slowing the process down by giving you will high endurance and strength. Consequently, it is imperative to take a post workout supplement after an intense period of heavy lifting.
This post workout supplement helps muscle’s recover faster and helps rebuild muscle tissue.
Additionally, it has whey proteins, carbohydrates, glutamine peptides, creatine monohydrate and amino acids.
Dark Matter has proven ingredients that have the nutritional content to take advantage of this all-important one hour time period.
When taken immediately after a workout, Universal Nutrition Torrent’s blend of muscle mass ingredients help repair damaged muscle fibers while promoting new muscle growth and mass. Often many people do not understand the importance of muscle recovery, they go out to gym and start doing same workouts every day without giving time to rest. When you take this supplement it readily increases the level of carnosine, which in-turn helps to prevent the accumulation of hydrogen.As a result, the lactic acid transformation or muscle fatigue which decreases the muscle performance, readily drop down. This allows the weight trainers to lift more weights than normally thought possible.If you lift more weight naturally body will be forced to produce lean muscle mass. Since muscles grow at their fastest rate during this one hour period it is crucially important to take advantage of this window.

Additionally, it contains fast and intermediate dissolving proteins for the body to ingest.
Included in the ingredients of MHP Dark Matter is Osmosulin Matrix, Waxy Maize, Maltodextrin and Whey Protein.
By taking this supplement, our bodies delays the process of lactic acid formation by which you would more energetic and have more endurance to do your workout. This supplement reduces the levels of catabolism which is a unique process where muscle cell are broken to provide energy. It gets transported directly to muscle tissue, where it drives all the nutrients to improve recovery.It also reduces the process of muscle fatigue and fastens the rate of muscle recovery. Addition to that it also supplies nitrogen to muscle tissues and it can also be teamed up with other supplements like whey & creatine to reach your goals faster. Consequently, the product creates a false sense of health by replacing sugar with an unhealthy alternative. This supplement is most useful for those who do a lot of intense activities like running and swimming. Unfortunately, the product is very expensive and fails to deliver as much value as lower priced supplements.
Furthermore, some users complained that the supplement did not dissolve easily in water or milk.

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