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Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle, whose logo is Building Bigger Bodies Faster, and covers steroid and non steroids training, bodybuilding, Olympic and Power Lifting, sports training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and all aspects of fitness training. Mass CompendiumTo be the biggest, strongest guy, you must do the biggest ,strongest exercises. For Better Biceps - the Rep is EverythingIf you want big and rock hard arms, you better find the best angle. Nitric OxideA doctor tells you the real reason why BSN has the ost popular supplement in the world.

Fitbods (hottest bikini issue ever)Keep your heating bills low this winter with our sizzling hot babes of iron! The Strongest WorkoutHow intelligent periodization can build you more strength and size than you ever imagined! Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle is a new magazine published quarterly reflected on training and nutrition articles. Samson's of the ShotIncluding Kevin Toth, John Godina, Adam Nelson, and more as we hear about the mammoths of throwing muscle.

We give you real, honest information on nutrition, drugs and supplements, which have efficacy and which are useless. Including exercises like an Advanced Leg Raise, Static Crunch with a Swiss Ball, Elevated Wheel Roll Out, and Olbique Crunches.

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