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The Stoel Rives Nutritional Supplements  Team is a interdisciplinary group of attorneys that understands the legal needs of nutritional supplement companies.
Located in the heart of the nutritional supplement industry in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Stoel Rives' team provides legal guidance to companies with local, national and international operations.
Our eBusiness lawyers are current on legal trends and have literally written the book on the myriad legal issues facing businesses on the Web.
We advise sellers of products on the laws relating to advertising and marketing, as well as present seminars on advertising and marketing law.
We represent clients in trademark matters in state and federal courts and before the Patent and Trademark Office. We secure copyright protection for original works and handle disputes involving material protected by copyright.
We represent manufacturers and distributors of consumer and industrial products in cases involving claims of loss or injury due to claimed defects. We strive to understand the unique business of each client and provide counsel that will help the owners achieve their business, financial and personal objectives.

Our lawyers counsel clients in the acquisition, sale, reorganization and restructuring of corporations, partnerships and other business entities.
Our tasty nutrition shakes can support and boost performance – and our ever popular chocolate and vanilla flavours help make them a treat!
Designed by nutritional experts, our Weight Management products can help you achieve and maintain a weight goal, as part of a healthy diet. Convenient and comprehensive, our Product Packs represent ideal combinations of our most popular products, carefully selected to combine and maximize the effects of the ingredients within, and provide you with the confidence that you’re receiving a full range of high quality nutrients to support your wellbeing.
Our attorneys work closely with nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, from large to emerging companies in the industry.
Our experience in this emerging arena, coupled with the strength and depth of Stoel Rives' regional presence, offers nutraceutical companies the optimal mix of considerable capabilities, efficient resources and cost-effective legal services. Whether a company is focusing on online communications, targeted marketing, shipping policies, or domain name transactions or disputes, we have extensive experience in these transactional areas. The subject matter of these licenses may be a patent, copyright, trade secret, know-how, trademark or a combination of various forms of intellectual property.

Our lawyers have expertise in advising clients on requirements of accuracy in advertising, defamation, product disparagement, multi-level marketing and other critical issues that may arise in the advertising and marketing process. Our trial lawyers are able to manage and try products liability cases, including personal injury and premises liability cases, throughout the western United States and beyond.
With the rapid growth of the industry, companies are facing a real need for expert advice on Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulation and other increasingly complex legal issues.
Because we are intimately involved with the daily activities and needs of this rapidly growing industry, we understand its issues and the best ways to help our nutraceutical clients be profitable and succeed moving forward.
We have assisted clients with numerous foreign and domestic joint ventures and strategic alliances.
Lucia Sweden Switzerland Taiwan The NetherlandsTrinidad & TobagoU.S.

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