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From a “chronic” perspective, we must focus our attention on overall carbohydrate intake in order to ensure we have the maximal amount of glycogen stored in our muscles in order to delay fatigue as long as possible.
Rapid replenishment of glycogen levels after training to minimize cortisol levels and “super compensate” for optimal recovery.
Review studies from accredited institutions, researchers and respected top level trainers in the industry.  One such resource is the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) which offers unparalleled cutting edge research dealing specifically with sports nutrition. Apply higher levels of credibility to supplements that have been on the market several years in order to show a track record of success.
In the next installment we will continue to look at nutrient optimization techniques to both assist your performance on the mat, and recovery from training sessions. Welcome to JJMWe’re here to bring you hundreds of videos on technique, strength and conditioning, articles, blogs and cutting edge info on everything Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Optimum’s primary creatine product is the Micronized Creatine Powder which is also their best seller when it comes to creatine.
I ordered the 2.6lbs package which runs about 228 5g servings according to the package for $30 off of amazon. Pretty standard packaging on the bottle, it’s small enough to store in cupboards as well as being full compared to the size of the packaging. After digging through the bottle for a good 10 minutes I came to the conclusion that there was no scooper included in the bottle which is disappointing.

Luckily I have a baking measuring spoon that is in grams so I have to use that to portion it out.
On the back of the bottle you’ll find the instructions, warnings, ingredients and a message about the creatine. Optimum’s approach to their creatine monohydrate is no frills, simple creatine monohydrate with no flavoring at all. Creatine is not very good at dissolving in water so there will always be some particles in whatever liquid you put it in. Optimum used micronization which makes it much less gritty than regular non-micronized creatine but you still know that it’s in there. You’ll notice the term Micronized in the title of the creatine – what exactly does that mean? The creatine particles when produced are on the larger side which makes it more difficult to dissolve into water for for our bodies to absorb. I started taking this creatine supplement about 2 months ago and jut finished my first cycle off. Initially after my loading phase I did add a couple of pounds of water weight which one of the expected side effects of creatine. I always caution that creatine will not be the magical supplement where you get stronger without putting in any hard work, in order for it to truly be effective you have to put in the hard work in the gym.

With that said I would definitely say that since starting this creatine supplement I’ve been able to hit PRs more consistently and generally feel stronger all around when taking it. Overall I have been very happy with Optimum Nutrtion’s Creatine Monohydrate, I would recommend it to anyone out there who is looking to gain some more out of their workouts in the gym.
Optimum Nutrition has an excellent reputation in the supplement world especially for their protein powders which many consider to be the best money can buy. We’ll deliver what you need to improve every aspect of your game – physically and mentally. During this time you will experience diminished protein synthesis (possibly leading to muscle loss!) and lowered strength and endurance levels.  D-Ribose has the ability to dramatically enhance the rate at which ATP is replenished in the muscles. We are as passionate about BJJ as you are – so grow with us, share us with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and spread the word!

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