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Fast-forward four decades, and the photo of Welch on the cover of her 2010 book Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage (Weinstein Books) conveys an entirely different image. In her book, out in paperback this month, Welch is part memoirist, part health guide helping readers defy the aging process and part cheerleader celebrating that very same process. Energy Times: You write in your book how very self-conscious you were early in your career.
Raquel Welch: That all those little things that we think of as our imperfections are not really imperfect. ET: I want to ask you about your self-perception and the perception others have had of you.
ET: Perceptions are important to you because youa€™re a big believer in the connection between mind and body. If you have in mind to clean up your act in some way, and start a diet that you can keep true to for two weeks and be really strict during that time, you find that the whole body chemistry changes. ET: For 30 years, you have adhered to what you call a customized diet that your nutritionist, Eileen Poole, put you on.
ET: You resisted yoga at first, but youa€™ve now been practicing it for more than 30 years. I do the Hatha yoga, which is what I call active meditation, and ita€™s anything but sedentary. Ita€™s interesting how sometimes when you stand still you see the wonders of the body or the universe or in some cases the world or God, whichever it is you believe in. Hiking up a steep hill is very active, whereas part of what you do in yoga does not look as energetic but it really is very effective and everything is being stimulated. ET: You wrote that yoga opened the door to a€?new choicesa€? that were based on a€?a more profound self awareness and a fresh sense of priorities.a€? What were those new choices? RW: Ita€™s hard for me to put myself right back there, but I do know it had a life-changing effect on me. Yoga really helped me release those emotional blocks that had been stored up someplace in my body.
RW: I found that I was having all kinds of mood swings on these hormones, and I was trying to find a balance. I dona€™t recommend it for everybody, but I do think that if youa€™re very highly attuned to your physicality, to your chemistry and how we react to things, that many of us can feel these things and we do feel them. RW: Ia€™ve heard about new medical studies that say that youa€™re just blocking your pores and it harms the skin. ET: Now that youa€™ve recently turned 70, how do you expect this coming decade to be different than your 60s? I was taking an assessment of what I had done right and how those right things happened, because they werena€™t all my doing. Now that Ia€™m 70, I tend to want to be much more with my family and be much more with my personal life and not so much out there in a way. Nutrition Now CoQ10 Chewable Gummy Vitamins Heart Health – Coenzyme Q10 contributes to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. The face is still glowing and strikingly beautiful, but Welch is wearing a black dress that shadows any sense of curvature, save for her broad smile, round cheeks and Spanish eyes.
She is highly attuned to her health and has worked hard to shed what she calls a€?the uncomfortable mantle of sex symbol,a€? though she sometimes still finds herself viewed through the prism of her iconic pin-up image.
That upbeat outlook is especially true of her attitudes about women, no longer limited to the three life chapters of girlhood, marriage and motherhood.

You write about your on-screen persona in the third person; you call her a€?she.a€? Were you able to separate yourself from your on-screen character immediately or did that evolve? I think therea€™s always a possibility of confusion when others perceive you as being the same as your public image when youa€™re an actress.
How would you describe the impact our psychology has on our healtha€”on diet and nutrition, for example? I do believe as a woman you need to take calcium and magnesium, and I believe you need to take vitamin D. I tend to be excitable, I get emotionally invested in things that I do, so Ia€™m using adrenals a lot, and it can be exhausting. Up to that point I was relying on my previous dance training and I used little ankle weights when I was performing live at the Las Vegas casinos; I was doing two shows a night and would try to keep in shape with that. The big project that I did that I felt yoga sustained me through very well was my debut on Broadway in the musical a€?Woman of the Year.a€? I had always wanted to do musical comedy on film, but it was not being done when I came into the business, and I got sidetracked into the sex symbol thing. So I said, a€?I think Ia€™ve gone through the worst of it now, and Ia€™m just going to stop with all of it.a€? Ia€™ve been fine the past several years since I stopped. Ita€™s preferable to be familiar with your body and understand what has happened so you then can help any healthcare practitioner diagnose you better because youa€™re adding to the information.
I was looking at where I was in life and what I had done and at my relationships, especially those that were familial, like with my children, my brother and sister, my mother, who was then quite elderly and whose health was starting to fail. My younger years were spent gallivanting around the planet on different movie locations or being in New York and doing eight shows a week or being in Atlantic City or Vegas or some other place, and ita€™s a lot. And, while worried about sounding a€?moralistically preachy,a€? she bemoans the loss of affection, intimacy and commitment in relationships. Then one of your film directors, Vittorio De Sica, gave you some life-changing advice: a€?Please, my darling, do not try to be perfecta€”because the defect is very important.a€? What did you take away from that? Sometimes they may be the most valuable things we have but we dona€™t like them because they make us different.
So what you end up doing, because I think my nature and the nature of many people, is to want to please others and be in agreement with others. That affects your mood and that affects your whole physical being and your emotional being. I also feel that, because I do have some minor arthritis in certain parts of my body, especially my hands, that if I dona€™t take glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, the triple joint formula, that affects me and I start to have aches and pains in my hands.
I also like to keep the B12 on hand; I think thata€™s excellent for me, especially when Ia€™m working long hours. Ayurvedic medicine classifies the body into different types, and therea€™s an adrenal type of body. My trainer and I just hiked up a huge big hill here for my exercise today because ita€™s beautiful weather, but ita€™s not as satisfying as doing a yoga routine. You go from one posture to another very slowly, so it doesna€™t look as energetic as, say, some kind of calisthenics or hiking or some kind of cardio.
I think that as we grow up there are many experiences we have that leave an emotional memory on our internal organs and they stay there as old wounds, a little hurtful and a little sore. All of a sudden I got this opportunity to go on the Broadway stage in this hit musical, and it became this wonderful new renaissance for my career.
Some of the westerns that I did, like a€?100 Riflesa€? and a€?Hannie Caulder,a€? were pretty rough. She applauds the personal freedoms achieved during the Sixties, but says the environment that helped spawn them a€?seems not to have leveled off, and it seems like in the age of the computer it just keeps getting more and more frenetic and more confusing to young girls, and they dona€™t know what kind of moral attitude theya€™re supposed to have about themselves.a€? Welch acknowledges that her views might surprise those who see her only as her one-dimensional screen image.

Being different in some way and thinking of the difference as a defect is kind of a misunderstanding. I know that raw food is considered healthy for many people, but I have a high acidic condition and it used to make me very uncomfortable during the digestive process. It keeps me from getting exhausted, then possibly getting sick because when youa€™re down, thata€™s when that happens.
I said, a€?Oh no, theya€™re going to do the incense thing and I have to have a mantraa€”I dona€™t think so.a€? She told me it wasna€™t what I thought, took me to the class and it turned out to be a revelation for me.
I still need to do the cardio and the weight training because of my age, but ita€™s not as fulfilling as yoga in lots of ways. Then ita€™s refuted like crazy in the next 10 days, or it just comes through the grapevine a year later: a€?Oh no, no. When you really have a chance to look back on your life, you see sometimes that you made a plan and you followed through to achieve some goal and you did or you didna€™t. Primarily Vittorio, who was wonderful and directed Sophia Loren in so many of her famous movies. Therea€™s something about the acidic content of those fruits that just causes my system to be uncomfortable and it makes it more difficult to digest.
So my adrenals tend to get beat up by too much excitement, which is probably why I need my yoga to calm me down. I felt there was a kind of a block between the way I felt and my real self, like there was something unresolved.
That was all disproven.a€? I do believe that you should moisturize your skin on your face and body. Then other times these wonderful things happen to you that you didna€™t plan for and you didna€™t have in mind at all. This is something I try to do to live up to a certain standard or a certain perception of me. Even if youa€™re concentrated on doing something for the physical self, ita€™s going to affect you mentally. A door opened for this particular side of my nature, the side that I really would not have been able to use at all had it not been for that opportunity. It just means there are other energies and other causes in the universe besides just you; youa€™re just one person. I moved into a new home, and Ia€™m interested in home life, entertaining my friends and nurturing my friendships and just making a reconnection with my children, which I have been actively pursuing in the last 10 years.
I use these different kinds of characterizations of this same persona I am called upon to use professionally.a€? I think I was in my 30s when that happened. The idea behind Eileena€™s diet is that when you can make it easy on your digestive system, the better your whole system is going to run.
I was dancing and singing really well, and I had enormous energy, flexibility, strength and stamina.

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