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BCAA supplements are great for anyone who works out in the gym almost every day and wants to preserve lean muscle while preventing catabolism.*Protein is what supplies the building blocks necessary to repair and build muscle tissue after your workout is complete. There are nine essential amino acids that the body cannot manufacture itself and consumed through food or supplement form. Creatine is the most studied and scientifically proven supplement out there in fitness community! Creatine is necessary to produce energy for high intensity activities, for example lifting heavy weights!
Creatine is shown to assist recovery in High Intensity Activities (lifting heavy weights) and it will usually add something between 2-5 pounds of mass to your frame. The most researched one on the market is Creatine Monohydrate and that is the one I’ve always been using. What is funny also is that Micronized Creatine Monohydrate is by far the cheapest form available! To reach the full saturation of creatine it takes your body about 3 weeks of every day use. Studies have shown that your body will only absorb Creatine that is fully mixed in with the chosen liquid.
To counteract this problem you have to stir your glass of liquid (preferably water) where you pour your teaspoon of Creatine into as long as the water is completely transparent and there is no white powder hanging in the bottom of your glass. Use warm water instead of cold since this will make the creatine mix into the water way faster and you don’t have to sit around stirring it for good 20 minutes. Short and sweet article, tells you straightforward just what you need to know about creatine. I add about 29g of Whey Protein Isolate to my diet every morning for breakfast, so I start each morning with 40+g’s of total protein with milk and cereal. But I do still tire during the day before a later lunch, after reading your post today you have me thinking I may benefit from Creatine.

Vince I checked out Gasparis Creatine and in the product information it says its 99.9% Micronized Creatine Monohydrate so it is the correct stuff! Nowadays there are dozens of different products available which claim to be more efficient compared to the old ones. But in order to get the recommended dosage of 3-5 grams per day you should eat 3-5kg of meat in a DAY! It doesn’t matter if you take just 3-5 g per day or 20-25 grams a day for the first week. As explained earlier it doesn’t make a difference is you take it 20-25 g per day or 3-5 g day.
Just take your 3-5 g per day whenever you want, be it before lunch, right first thing in the morning or before bed time. So if you end up having any white powder in the bottom of your glass, that will just travel through your digestive system without getting absorbed. As inexpensive as creatine is I think everyone should give it a try and see it they benefit from it. Just another trick in the supplement companies sell-book ?? Just stick with the scientifically proven and tested Creatine Monohydrate and you’ll be getting value for your money! Creatine monohydrate is one of the most effective and proven supplements in aiding with training and recovery! I had heard about creatine before but I did not know how important it was to carry out and recover from some physical activities such as lifting weights. Yes Creatine is a good option to try out since it is really affordable and possess basically no side-effects. Only annoying thing is the bag doesn’t close well, requires a little maneuvering but still seals up. There are 22 different amino acids in the body, all of which have a unique function.The role of BCAA's role in muscular development continued on the next page.

I truly believe that creatine is one of the few supplements which hold a really nice value. Usually when people get some kind of negative effects they are supplementing with these newer forms of creatine such as Citrate, Cerum, Hydrochloride, etc. It just seems a bit strange to me that I got these at a super cheap deal in one of their 100g packs. I personally use same product from Dymatize and 1kg of this stuff costs around 15-20 USD for over half a year supply. The taste is great and it gets me through a tough workout in record time (which is much needed in my college lifestyle). They help with my lifting, but they help me push through my tough cardio days and even my 2 hour sessions a Muay Thai.
So it doesn’t magically build 2-5 pounds of new muscle from nothing, it basically just makes the existing ones bigger. Just make sure that you buy Micronized Creatine Monohydrate since it dissolves better, gets absorbed better by your body and is healthier for your stomach.
I've been cutting weight and I haven't seen a loss in muscle mass or strength like I have in the past.
It mixes very well with water does not clump or stay on the bottom like other BCAA powders do.

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