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Sometimes folks are are zinc deficient and adding it in does help a bit.My advice is try chelated zinc or cheap ZMA product and see if it improves anything, after that just forget it.
It seems to be like Tribulus were someone found some obscure backwater study to attach to it.
Grown in Peru, this plant contains compounds called sterols that may block the body's production of estrogen while boosting testosterone levels. Several studies have shown that taking 50 mg of zinc citrate per day increases testosterone.
Try mixing three to six tablespoons of whole maca root powder into a drink daily (extracts and capsules are not as effective).

In general, though, your training will have the biggest impact on your "T" levels, so keep doing heavy, compound exercises and be careful not to over-train.
I remember way back actually thinking I could look like a Pro bodybuilder by working out hard and heavy. Stick with it for at least four weeks — some guys report that it makes them hornier as well as stronger. But then I started taking alfa follitropin and HCG (real HCG, not Chinese fake shit) and then it sky rocketed.I had a couple vials of Chinese HCG and it did fuck all. You re suposed to be wiser, calmer, quieter, to take care of kids and family for example, and to hold a job without blowing a gasket every other week.

I'm convinced that the shit on the market is either underdosed, all together bunk or just damaged from the heat and transit.
I left some HCG out for a few days and felt nothing from it when I was taking 1,000iu per shot.

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