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Will Hillary Clinton go for the jugular over the theft of her campaign's private supporter data by aides to rival Bernie Sanders? And will anyone actually watch as a pair of Democratic juggernauts pretend to acknowledge bronze medal winner Martin O'Malley?The high drama that surrounded the data breach saga on Friday was equal parts hacker movie and courtroom drama.
I mean, if Germany becomes the next Paris or San Bernardino, Merkel is going to look really weak.

Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire will host the third of six Democratic presidential primary debates on Saturday night, featuring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley CLASH: Sanders (left) and Cinton (center) will likely spar over a data-breach scandal that allegedly involves Bernie's aides pilfering Hillary's private voter-contact data from a normally walled-off section of a Democratic Party database READY?
But the news came during a week when she and her handlers were trying to soften her image and paint her as more likable.A The Sanders camp sued the DNC on Friday, saying that the party's main organizing body had no right to block the campaign's access to its own pile of data in reaction to claims it had stolen bits of Clinton's.

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