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Q: A guy at the gym recommended that I take ginkgo biloba, but I thought that was one of those supplements designed to make you smarter.
A: The stereotype is that all bodybuilders can use any help they can get in the smarts department. To best obtain the benefits associated with greater blood flow to your muscles, try pairing ginkgo biloba and arginine. Remember, though, that herbs such as ginkgo biloba can interact with other supplements and prescription medications. While that certainly isn’t the case - we’ve met our fair share of cerebral freaks here at muscle & fitness - taking a ginkgo biloba supplement may be a good idea for bodybuilders because it enhances your body’s blood flow.

Having a high metabolic rate is a great advantage for a bodybuilder seeking to stay lean while adding muscle mass. Take 3-5 grams of arginine or an NO product three times a day, one dose 30 minutes or so before you train. Talk with a health-care practitioner knowledgeable in the field of botanicals before you start taking ginko or any other herb. Greater blood flow in the brain boosts brain activity, and increasing the flow of blood to your muscles improves your pump in the gym. Scheett explains: “This boost in metabolism is most likely due to enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Arginine and NO products (of which there are many) assist with delivery of oxygen, nutrients and hormones to your muscles.

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