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Muscle Milk by CytoSport is a the best protein to help build, repair, and strengthen muscles before and after each workout.
Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or tone your body, Muscle Milk is ideal for seasoned athletes like you. The protein in Muscle Milk consists of a blend of whey and casein to provide the optimal ratio and concentration of amino acids and nutrients. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just looking to strengthen your body, Muscle Milk provides the complete supply of nutrients your body needs to optimize muscle repair and growth.
The best thing I love is the flavor and the fullness of the product to reduce your appetite!

The low-fat, low-carbohydrate formula is easily mixed with water and can be consumed twice a day to provide complete support for skeletal muscle. Muscle Milk is one of the best tasting proteins on the market, yet, when it comes to nutritional value it is one of the worst proteins on the market! Getting from esupplements is an added bonus, great price, great service and quick delivery. With glycocyamine, complete A-B caseins, and growth peptides, Muscle Milk is a step above regular, everyday protein powders.
Too many calories, high carbs for protein powder, only 32 grams of protein out of the whole 70 gram scoop.

If you treat this protein powder more of a ‘meal replacement’ than a pre or postworkout protein then you should be fine. It contains a blend of fast and slow digesting proteins, so if I do take it, I take it right before I go to bed.

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